Revolutionizing Car Ownership Experience


2 UX Designers,
1 UI Designer,
1 Manager


1 Month


Mobile, Web App, Landing Page, Promo-video


Extreme pace


Design>$4,800, Video>$1,700


The design implemented in the functional product


Currux is a car-sharing service in the USA and South America. It helps people ride the car of their dreams while saving money on the price, parking, and maintenance.

The service involves three user roles:  the Manager who provides the rental cars collects data and subscription fees.  The second user role, the Subscriber, involves subscribing to cars, creating a community to share the expenses with. The third role is called Concierge.  It is made for the car rental drivers, who can receive orders to drive the rental cars and get paid.


  • Access to the product to see its full functionality
  • There was a web version carcass to lean on
  • The color theme was set by the client
  • The client has conducted user research
  • Multiple analogous applications – a reach field for references


  • Limited budget
  • Limited time
  • There was no access to the end users
  • The color scheme set by the client made applying typical patterns impossible


Considering the different functions of the three user roles, we were basically facing the challenge of creating three different applications. Our aim was to design simple flows for each user roles’ main needs.


The first user role is important, as depending on its functional the managers would choose to offer their cars for rent. The research showed that the key function of  managers was to see the information that demanded their immediate attention. We built the main flow, aimed at giving the managers an easy access to the information about the clients and concierges. So, we offered a solution for letting managers view the ‘fleets’, the number of subscribers and the amount of money it’s currently bringing them. There were more solutions, that however remains to be implemented in the second phase.


The first and most important task was to make sure that the subscribers will immediately see all the benefits of the service and move on to choose the desired car. We decided that no other media means would be as effective here, as a promo-video.

So we asked our partners, the Black Fox Production for help. After two weeks of working simultaneously with us, they came up with an illustrated promotion video, offering a quick tour of the app’s benefits and functionality.

Right after a short explanation, the users get a chance to choose a car they like. They can do it directly on the website, without having to install the mobile application.

The main functional was designed for the subscribers.

The task was to create the conditions for a subscriber, where they would be able to find the car of their dreams and save on the maintenance by renting and sharing the rented car with their circle.

To achieve this, we created a car catalogue, a list of contacts and a neighborhood, where a subscriber could find contacts nearby. To make the car sharing convenient, we added shared schedules.


Concierge is a user role for rental drivers, who can be called upon for different tasks, such as pick up the kids from school, take your grandma to her doctor or drive the car whenever you need them to.

To create a convenient environment for the drivers, we came up with a simple scheduling system that helps them plan their trips ahead of the day, week or month.

Also, the Concierge’s side of the app includes navigation, car tracking option, profile and the list of subscribers. 

Additionally, we refreshed the Web and the Landing Pages for the service and made them responsive for different screens.

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