The Movement Athlete

Designing a mobile application to improve User Engagement via Gamification


UX designer, UI designer


1 month


Mobile application, 110 screens




Starting at $ 4,800


The design implemented in a functional product


The Movement Athlete is an education platform & technology making learning bodyweight and movement disciplines like calisthenics, gymnastics, acrobatics and circus skills. It’s easy, fun and safe for everyone. It helps to distill the knowledge of the world’s best gymnastic & calisthenics coaches and physiotherapists making professional and personalized training available at a fraction of the cost. Through a comprehensive athlete assessment that includes mobility, flexibility, strength, and skill, TMA identifies exactly where you are at and creates a fully personalized training program just for you. The app, just like a professional coach, adjusts training in real time based on your feedback and periodical assessments. As you go along, you unlock new, harder and harder moves making it a never-ending, lifelong pursuit of fitness mastery.

TMA Mobile Application


  • The client conducted their own research
  • Scientific approach
  • An innovative approach to sports activities
  • A positive and encouraging manager on the client’s side


  • Limited budget
  • Lack of similar solutions and references
  • Much built on the hypothesis before the first prototype could be tested


Despite the revolutionary and very professional approach, The Movement Athlete service lacked one  part, crucial in the modern world. It had no mobile app. What is even more essential, people who workout individually like going outside and being on the move. So, implementing a mobile application for the service was of first necessity.

UX Solution

So, our task was to create an app that’s easy in use and keeps the users involved. After analyzing the data our client provided, we came to a solution. Regarding the main functionality, we decided to add user communication features, such as feed, messaging or even finding a workout buddy.

UI Design

TMA Mobile Application


Iryna led a UX and UI design for The Movement Athlete app and we have been thrilled with her work, work ethics and creativity. We were on a short timeframe to deliver the wireframes to the investors and Iryna really raise up to the challenge, not only providing high-quality designs but also contributing ideas on functionality and the best way to solve UX challenges. She is very solution orientated, listens carefully and takes ownership of her work. She further led the development of our branding and the UI of the app, providing us with a variety of different options and making sure that the final results are exactly as we want. Iryna became and still is our advisor with all the things UX and UI. I would definitely recommend her and her team.


Agnieszka Nazaruk

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