UI Design


Everyday customers interact with your app’s UI and this fact should work for the business and develop your brand. All it style components(colors, typography, layouts, icons, buttons, images) should make your product remarkable and useful.

Work Process

At Cieden we look for the proper solution that satisfies your target audience. Our design approach is logic and always is based on such rules:

  • Keeping the design simple. The best interface is invisible to users. Our goal is to include in UI only necessary elements
  • An interface should focus people on what is the most important. The hierarchy of elements, size, color work together, creating an intuitive interaction
  • Common patterns help users to feel comfortable when they interact with the app. People use a lot of different apps and websites during the day, they learned their functionality and it can be confusing for them to operate with a totally different interface

Our team understands the importance of creating and maintaining a consistent UI and UX across every part of your app.  It helps users intuitively navigate and successfully interact with different sections of your digital product without confusion.

UI consistency between different sections of the product and across apps creates your brand identity. 

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