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Cieden team will create and deliver User Experience that enhances your marketing efforts, increases NPS and customers satisfaction.

An expert UX Design usually brings monetary value to your business and you’ll be able to measure it. Based on the previous projects we’ve calculated such average results.

Work Process

Are you inspired with such results? If yes, we’ll tell you how we gain them.

Firstly, we always divide UX and UI design processes. Most people are thinking that the User Interface design is the same term as User Experience. But it is not the truth. To create efficient user experience specialists need to conduct lots of research, study the user behavior and create an information architecture. Only after that, start designing an interface.

Secondly, our design process is based on the Design thinking methodology. This makes it reasonable and logical.

We start the design cooperation forming the brief and include all project’s key points into it to have a clear vision of the customer needs and goals.   

To create a professional, interactive prototype we make a deep research. For this, our team conducts interviews and testings, build personas, use different analytical tools including usage analytics, heat mapping, a/b testing. We help to find information architecture, navigation, onboarding, interaction design, and user flow.

For better results we work in a team of 3-5 people for more productive brainstorming, to implement fresh ideas into stunning mockups. As result, our prototypes are always lively and stylish, show all aspects of your digital product. You’ll be able to see its strengths and weakness to improve the product before it goes live.

At Cieden we try to find the best-fitted method to bring you an effective solution:

  • To use storytelling to improve engagement of mobile app
  • Gamification principles to raise user lifetime value
  • Increase efficiency of the application with the jobs-to-be-done framework

That’s only a few examples from our real cases.

Our team understands the importance of testing the product. No matter where your target audience is, we will help you to gather market feedback on prototypes and first product release

We believe that projects can’t be finished after the first release. Going live applications always grow and develop in the open market. Cieden team is ready to help with updates and improvements of your UX.

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