Enterprise Submission Platform.

Enterprise Submission Platform

Project Plan


Redesign legacy system to improve usability and scalability




Process Management


The product is in development now


ESP is a process management system that enables easy digital configuration and facilitation of administrative tasks that require a chain of approvals within a corporation.

An old client of ours approached us with a request to redesign the legacy product. The focus was on improving usability and adding greater flexibility, and the ability to scale the process even more.

ESP was designed to fit in any organization of any size and within any industry. It offers different personas such as user, approver, and admin.

After our thorough work, it ‘now’ takes approximately 5 minutes on average for an admin to create and configure a new process and a maximum of 2 minutes for a user to fill and submit it.



  • Collaborations with knowledgeable subject matter experts
  • Lean iterative approach
  • Complex business logic and huge hierarchy of the flows
  • Flexibility and scalability as a key requirement

Information Architecture

While studying product documentation, we gained an understanding of each function, user actions, user flows, scenarios of the investigations, we created the new information architecture, that merged together several modules, which complemented each other and provided the seamless experience of running screening procedures.

Enterprise Submission Platform

Final Results


Builder Blocks

Enterprise Submission Platform

Details & Form Builder

Enterprise Submission Platform

Users & Stage Builder

Enterprise Submission Platform

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