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Experiencing any of these common UX issues in your mobile app design?

Users launch an app only to abandon it moments later

Users leave apps when they lack immediate value or feel overwhelmed. To minimize user churn, we focus on simple interfaces with straightforward value propositions, streamlined onboarding, and content displaying the app's value.

Mobile App Design Services Cieden

Users browse an app but seldom convert

The secret to high conversion rates is simple and smooth navigation. We design intuitive apps that guide users to conversion points with clear call-to-action designs, visual hierarchy, and minimized friction.

Mobile App Design Services Cieden

User numbers are dropping instead of staying steady or growing

A drop in user numbers is a sign of low engagement. We increase it with more intuitive user journeys, personalized features, gamification elements, and smart push notifications.

Mobile App Design Services Cieden

Users are getting lost or frustrated within your app

Frustration may be caused by tricky onboarding and navigation. To refine the app’s UX, we delve into user research, and product analytics, doing multiple iterations and testing various hypotheses.

Mobile App Design Services Cieden
Mobile App Design Services Cieden

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Mobile app design services .

In our journey through 8 years of mobile app UI/UX design services, we've seen a recurring challenge in the industry. Apps are failing due to one common issue - not understanding users and their needs.

To tackle this, our design approach is deeply rooted in discovery and testing. We dive deep into your business, product, market, and, importantly, your users, to learn their concerns and address them with more intuitive and user-friendly UX. 

Our mission is to impact your product through constant innovation and improvement, making it scalable and highly competitive in the market both now and in the future.

case studies.

Explore our expertise in diverse domains

Dive into our case studies – not just to see our work, but to understand how Cieden approaches challenges and partners with clients.
Mobile App Design Services Cieden

health and wellness

MedEntry: improving UX of the educational platform.

MedEntry has developed an online platform and mobile application that prepares students for the exams to enter medical universities in the most accessible and user-friendly manner. Their innovative and intuitive tool is designed to personalize student training and feedback to plan all the educational activities properly.

Mobile App Design Services Cieden


Sustainable food consumption eCommerce platform.

EU food regulations are very strict with product expiration dates, which has led to numerous European supermarket chains throwing out food several days early in order to be safe. Noticing this needless waste and a solid business opportunity, the Finnish food chain Fiksuruoka stepped in. Now, through the platform that Fiksuruoka created, both eco-conscious and budget-conscious shoppers have the unique possibility to order soon-to-expire food at much cheaper prices.

Mobile App Design Services Cieden

health and wellness

Momenta: relaxing design for a meditation app.

The client entrusted us with designing a meditation and breathing mobile application. Two years ago, we created Ripple, a resembling product for the same customer. We were excited to collaborate with our client again and use our knowledge to create an accessible and easy way for users to meditate and learn proper breathing techniques. We have assigned 2 professionals to tackle this project: an experienced UI designer with the relevant expertise and a design director to deliver quality results.

Mobile App Design Services Cieden

lifestyle and sport

Fitness app.

The Movement Athlete is a sporting community service. Its main aim is to help people work out independently and achieve their goals. The main idea of the service is to revolutionize the fitness industry. Instead of dieting and exercising, they offer moving and eating. “We explore our body and its potential through movement” is one of their slogans. The initial functional included typing in your aim and, based on your parameters and physical abilities so far, the app helped you achieve it. It would give professional advice on what physical activity is good for your development and what is too early to do.

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