At Cieden, we are multidisciplinary, combining our expertise in design with business analysis, marketing strategy, and technology to help pioneering companies in any industry connect with consumers.

We do big work with a boutique style.


We are firm believers that design is first and foremost about people. Henceforth, we start our projects with user research activities, so that our designs not only look stunning but are also crystal clear to the end-users.
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Cieden Product Design


While we truly shine when formulating a marketing strategy, we can also provide top-notch execution at a competitive cost. Translation: we've got you covered. End-to-end.
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Marketing Services at Cieden

Business Analysis

Our team will help you build your business and product rationally, cost-effectively, and in a way that actually addresses your customer needs. We believe that this is the key to success. Both yours and ours.
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Business Analysis Service at Cieden

Startup studio

All we need from you is your vision to start working. Along the way, we will help you validate your idea, build an MVP, and iterate towards reaching product-market fit. After all, having Cieden on your team means you can count on leading professionals who work together in a multidisciplinary approach.
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Startup studio at Cieden


We’d love to invite you to spend a week with us to collaborate and prototype your idea. By the end of our sprint, we ensure that you will: better understand who the users are and what pain points we aim to tackle, have brainstormed all solutions we can provide, have planned a solid roadmap, have designed a usability-oriented prototype and validated it.

Our beautiful historical city is flowing with innovation and a perfect host to inspire creativity.
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Technology consultancy

Even if the concept of your product or service is complete and ready for development, you still need someone who would be in charge of the technical part. Starting with selecting the right technology stack and ending with the handpicking and managing of the best development team. That's exactly where a Chief Technology Officer comes into play.
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Technology Consultancy Service at Cieden

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