About us.

Cherishing the difference between leaders and bosses, partners and customers is the basis of our team cooperation. We share the responsibility for our company among us and in return, everyone is granted motivating compensation, unlimited vacations, and a remote-friendly working environment. This is our vision of a perfect world and we invite you to join us.
About Us
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mission .

Meet Yuriy and Iryna, the proud members and founders of Cieden family

Yura and Iryna, the team of siblings united by not only family ties but also a burning passion for design, founded Cieden in pursuit of designing a better world. Their aspirations have led them to gather a team of dedicated design, marketing & business analysis enthusiasts, whose work has yielded countless happy customers and numerous accolades from the world-renowned ranking platforms.

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Big work with boutique style

When working with Cieden, you’re not only working with a team of expert UX and UI designers. You’re actually working with a team of business analysts, product specialists, and marketers that all define what they do through design.

What does that mean to you?

  • Customer research;
  • Market research;
  • SWOT Analysis;
  • Branding & positioning.
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our team .

Yuriy Mykhasyak Yuriy Mykhasyak
Yuriy Mykhasyak
CEO & co-founder
Iryna Serednia Iryna Serednia
Iryna Serednia
Design Director, co-founder
Derek Odom Derek Odom
Derek Odom
Creative Director
Anastasiya Mudryk Anastasiya Mudryk
Anastasiya Mudryk
Associate Product Director
Halyna Kovalisko Halyna Kovalisko
Halyna Kovalisko
Design Director
Andrew Sapkowski Andrew Sapkowski
Andrew Sapkowski
UI Competence Manager
Nazar Sasovets Nazar Sasovets
Nazar Sasovets
Lead UX/UI Designer
Olesia Havryshko Olesia Havryshko
Olesia Havryshko
Business Analyst
Denis Dudar Denis Dudar
Denis Dudar
UX/UI Designer
Anastasiia Kramar Anastasiia Kramar
Anastasiia Kramar
UX/UI Designer
Valentyn Skliarov Valentyn Skliarov
Valentyn Skliarov
Lead UX/UI Designer
Iryna Matiyashek Iryna Matiyashek
Iryna Matiyashek
Talent Manager
Khrystyna Harmash Khrystyna Harmash
Khrystyna Harmash
Finance Director
Nataliya Shevchuk Nataliya Shevchuk
Nataliya Shevchuk
Business Development
Eugene Tyulenev Eugene Tyulenev
Eugene Tyulenev
UX/UI Designer
Daria Novosiadla Daria Novosiadla
Daria Novosiadla
UX/UI Designer
Olena Oleksiv Olena Oleksiv
Olena Oleksiv
Lead UX/UI Designer
Roman Kaminechny image Roman Kaminechny image
Roman Kaminechny
UX/UI Designer
Stepan Nanivskiy image Stepan Nanivskiy image
Stepan Nanivskiy
UX/UI Designer
Tetiana Zakus Tetiana Zakus
Tetiana Zakus
UX/UI Designer
Maksym Gozhelsky Maksym Gozhelsky
Maksym Gozhelsky
UX/UI Designer
Yana Popyk Yana Popyk
Yana Popyk
Product Manager/Business Analyst
Dara Bilousova Dara Bilousova
Dara Bilousova
UX/UI Designer
Victor Cherevko Victor Cherevko
Victor Cherevko
Marketing Manager
Iryna Mykhasyak Iryna Mykhasyak
Iryna Mykhasyak

A few facts about us

As you might have understood by now, measuring is our thing. So we couldn’t help but track our progress throughout the years. Take a look at a few figures that we’re proud of.


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in a team





hours of effective load

per team member

Our hall of fame

clutch clutch
upwork upwork
exceeders exceeders
the manifest the manifest
goodfirms goodfirms

Our teams

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Having originally started as a design agency, our design team boasts having the most professionals at our team.
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Our marketing services are tailored to help you through cost-effective solutions that bring the right users to your product, driving fundamental growth for your business.
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We believe that building your business and product rationally, cost-efficiently, and in a way that actually addresses your customers’ needs are the true key to success. Both yours and ours.
Business Analysis

What our customers say.