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Enhance Your Software in 2 Weeks

What is a Design Sprint?

What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a time-constrained, structured process aimed at solving problems, validating ideas, and creating successful products through four key stages: Understand, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. Developed by Google Ventures and used by top design firms, it combines design thinking with agile practices to ensure rapid development of digital products that align with market needs and save businesses time and resources.

Why is a Design Sprint Needed?

Design Sprints offer an effective way to enhance your software's usability and user satisfaction, ultimately leading to better business results.

Test Improvement Ideas

Discover and validate improvement ideas quickly before dedicating significant development time and resources.

Solve Design Challenges

Promptly tackle major design challenges and incorporate improvements into your product.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Speed up decision-making by encouraging collaboration among cross-functional teams.

What does the Design Sprint look like?

week 1.

Understanding and Ideation

• Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing user flow or feature set to identify areas for enhancement.
• Map essential user journeys and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
• Hold brainstorming sessions to generate innovative design ideas.
• Validate ideas through feasibility and impact analysis, ensuring alignment with your business goals and customer expectations.
Understand your users and pain points

week 2.

Prototyping and Testing

• Design an interactive prototype of the best ideas from Week 1
• Test the prototype with users or, when not possible, opt for team members deeply familiar with customer needs.
• Observe interactions and gather feedback during the testing.
Solutions we can provide

Design sprint deliverables

Design Sprint Cieden
An interactive prototype
Design Sprint Cieden
Design assets and all IP supplied
Design Sprint Cieden
Roadmap for the next steps
Design Sprint Cieden
Research documentation
Design Sprint Cieden
Improved team alignment
Design Sprint Cieden

Why should I choose to move forward with you?

When you choose Cieden, you're opting for an award-winning agency with a 100% focus on designing complex enterprise solutions. Our rich experience is encapsulated in over 200 successful design projects. The average customer rating is 4.9/5 from more than 80 verified reviews on Clutch and Upwork.

Our team isn't just diverse; it's a melting pot of creativity and expertise with Product Managers, UX/UI Designers, UX Researchers, Graphic/Motion Designers, and Marketers. This diversity fuels our unique, out-of-the-box approach.

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Case studies

Design Sprint Cieden

CMS, Entertainment

CMS for Blizzard

Cieden collaborated with Bebop Technology to improve BlizzCAT, a digital asset management system for Blizzard. We identified feature gaps and stakeholder frustrations, then redesigned the platform to make it more user-friendly. The improved system now streamlines content tracking through the digital supply chain and simplifies metadata provision to OTT subscription services.

Design Sprint Cieden

CRM, Real Estate

Real Estate Wizard

The solution was in the real estate domain, for brokerage and real estate agencies all over the world. We had already been working with this client on another UX design project, and the CIO approached us, asking if we could assist with the product discovery for a new solution they intended to launch quickly. Soon our collaboration turned into a full user experience design for the product.

Design Sprint Cieden

CRM, Telecommunications


The client sought our help to overhaul their decade-old, trusted cloud-based contact center software serving insurance, banking, and government sectors in Australia. Our mission was to modernize the interface and enhance user experience to match the software's evolving functionality. After a swift onboarding and audit, we collaborated with the client's CEO, an industry veteran, to suggest and implement UX improvements.

Design Sprint Cieden

Compensation Management Software, HR

Payroll Management

We improved Payroll Management, a tool that aids payroll professionals by automating tasks and managing data efficiently. The client had pre-conducted user research and early designs from a third party, but faced design complexity issues. We resolved these challenges and validated our solutions with actual users, payroll managers from competitor firms, ensuring our designs met real-world needs.

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