Hire a Design Director.

Hire a design director who leads strategic product development and growth, drives innovation, upholds top-notch UX/UI design standards, and ensures every design effort aligns with your business goals.
Hire a Design Director Cieden

Hire your long-term partner.

Top-tier design director

Design directors become architects of your product strategy, aligning design initiatives with business goals while balancing creativity, innovation, and long-term resource planning.

Deeply rooted in UX/UI design, product discovery, design system development, and AI, our specialists effortlessly navigate diverse methodologies — from Lean UX to Agile UX — manage large teams, and have experience in various domains – from EdTech and healthcare to logistics and supply chain management.

Hiring a director of product design is more than filling a role; it’s a collaborative, long-term partnership. At Cieden, specialists are handpicked based on each project's needs, providing the best match in expertise and vision.

Our commitment extends to full integration into your workflow, ensuring the level of engagement on par with an in-house design director.

6 benefits of hiring design directors:

Strategic vision

Our design directors bring a strategic layer to design tasks, ensuring that every creative decision aligns with the broader business goals and brand vision.

Enhanced collaboration

With experience in leading cross-functional teams, our design directors facilitate better synergy between design, development, marketing, and business units.

Quality and consistency

Our design directors ensure that all design outputs meet high-quality UX/UI design standards and maintain consistency across all user touchpoints.

Efficient process management

They oversee the product design process from end-to-end, streamlining workflows, and cutting down on time-to-market for design-led projects.

Innovation and market trends

They drive product innovation and incorporate the latest market trends into the design strategy, ensuring the product remains current and competitive.

User-centered design

Our design directors champion a user-centered design philosophy, prioritizing user feedback and usability testing to refine products for the best user experience.

When to outsource design directors?

Project requires visionary leadership

When a project needs a leader with a bold vision to navigate complex UX/UI design landscapes and set the standard for innovation and creativity.

Cross-functional design leadership needed

When your product design strategy demands a leader who can align multiple departments under a unified design vision to enhance product coherence and user experience.

High-stakes rebranding on the horizon

During critical rebranding phases where strategic direction and a keen understanding of brand identity are paramount.

Product line is expanding

When adding new products to your line and need to ensure a consistent and user-friendly design language across all items.

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