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#1. Lykon's story about the impact of design collaboration on their product 

In this video, you'll dive into Lykon's journey, a Berlin-based food tech company, as they unpack their experience with Cieden. This testimonial showcases our hybrid cooperation model, which integrates Cieden's designers into client teams for deep product immersion.

While our designers predominantly operate remotely, they are also ready to join clients in person for important events, workshops, and other significant engagements. Whether you're seeking full remote, hybrid, or on-site models of collaboration, Cieden's approach ensures optimal results tailored to your needs.

Testimonials Cieden

This testimonial features insights from Victoria George and Stéphane Zanoni of Kairos, a platform that enhances meeting productivity and engagement through a scientific approach. 

Our collaboration helped bridge gaps in the Kairos team, ensuring their project progressed without delay:  💬 "The Cieden team was ready to start within weeks and our first project was delivered in the same timeframe it would have taken just to hire new UX designers." This statement alone speaks about the trust and efficiency built between our teams!  

Testimonials Cieden

Our contributions included:

  • a unified design system and enhanced user flows;
  • clickable prototypes, leading to faster development and iteration;
  • comprehensive support from rebranding to MVP release.

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Check out the video to better understand what a dedicated designer can bring to the table in less than six months of fully remote work. 

Testimonials Cieden

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