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Visualize and test your idea with our UX prototyping services to reduce design and development time, save money on product development, and create a better product for your users.
UX Prototyping Services Cieden

From a simple sketch to a close-to-life solution with our

UX prototyping services .

Early project mistakes carry significant risks.

Prototyping is a vital tool for testing and refining ideas in the initial stages of product development — able to mitigate potential issues and avoid costly mistakes in the long run. With prototypes, you can simulate the user experience, test with real users, and identify potential design issues before development begins.

At Cieden, we guide you in defining information architecture, mapping user flows, and developing high-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes. Together, we’ll choose a suitable prototype type based on your needs, run usability tests, and collect immediate feedback, ensuring your future decisions are driven by data, not intuition.

Let us bring your concept from a simple sketch to a market-ready solution at no extra risk!

6 benefits of including UX prototyping in your design process

Early feedback and validation

Prototyping allows teams to gather early user feedback, and validate concepts before investing heavily into development. This can lead to more informed design decisions and a product that better meets user needs.

Improved usability

Testing prototypes with real users allows our designers to identify and address design flaws and usability issues early on. This iterative process of testing and refinement helps in creating more intuitive and user-friendly products.

Cost efficiency

Identifying and resolving issues during the prototyping stage is generally less expensive than making changes after the product has been developed. Prototyping can save costs associated with rework, redevelopment, and fixing usability issues post-launch.

Enhanced collaboration

Prototyping improves collaboration among different stakeholders, including designers, developers, and product managers. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of the product vision, features, and functionality, leading to a more aligned product development.

Faster time to market

Prototyping allows us to identify and solve design problems in the early stages of development, ensuring smoother progress and a faster time to market.

Better user experience

The iterative process of prototyping and user testing ensures that the final product is aligned with user expectations, needs, and behaviors, leading to a superior user experience.

Choose the right moment.

When to consider applying for UX prototyping services?

To pitch your idea to investors

Selling an idea to investors requires a compelling demo. A prototype with tangible elements lets them understand how the solution will work and the potential it holds.

For concept-to-product transition

Hire prototyping experts before fully committing to design and development, when you have a product idea or concept you want to explore, validate, or refine.

Before a major investment

If you're at a point where significant resources, time, and money are about to be invested, prototyping can ensure that this investment goes into a validated, user-approved concept.

During design iterations

Anytime you're making significant changes or iterations to the design based on feedback or new insights, you need to test these changes before finalizing them.

For complex features

When you're introducing new or complex features and need to ensure they are understandable, usable, and valuable to your users.

To solve specific user experience problems

If you've identified user experience problems or pain points in your current product and need innovative solutions to address them.

For market differentiation

When you're looking to set your product apart in the market with a unique user experience or innovative features and need to prototype these ideas for feedback and validation.

Before scaling

Before scaling your product or expanding to new markets, you want to ensure the user experience remains consistent and meets the diverse needs of a broader audience.

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