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Dive into your users' minds and find out their expectations from your product, ensuring your design decisions resonate deeply and effortlessly with their needs.
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UX research services .

Overlooking user needs and behaviors is a costly mistake for many product owners starting their product development journey.

At Cieden, we're here to assist you with the crucial phase of UX research in your design project. Our user experience research services delve deep into your users' minds using a variety of research methods, ensuring we bring clarity to key questions.

We investigate how users feel about a product, what they need from it, and how they engage with it — all for the sake of improving usability, satisfaction, and loyalty.

We aim to be your long-term strategic partner, providing valuable insights that pinpoint areas for product improvement and guide you in making user-focused, data-driven decisions.

6 benefits of including UX research in your design process

Improved user understanding

UX research dives deep into users' behaviors, needs, motivations, and pain points, ensuring designs are based on real experiences rather than assumptions. This helps create products centered around user needs and expectations.

Increased usability

Techniques like usability testing and user testing can prevent usability issues in the early stages of design β€” leading to a more intuitive and accessible product.

Reduced development costs

Identifying potential problems and user needs early on reduces the need for costly redesign, redevelopment, and post-launch fixes. Such a proactive approach helps to optimize resources more efficiently and improve the overall ROI.

Competitive advantage

A product designed with user experience in mind stands out in the market. By offering a superior user experience, a product can differentiate itself from competitors, attracting and retaining more users.

Increased conversion rates

User-friendly designs, refined through UX research, lead to improved conversion rates. Streamlining the user journey and reducing friction make it faster for users to complete desired actions, such as making a purchase or upgrading to a premium version.

Risk mitigation

Validating concepts and designs with users before full-scale development minimizes the risk of product failure, ensuring a solid foundation for success in the market.

Choose the right moment.

When to consider applying for UX research services?

For concept-to-product transition

Before diving into the development phase, UX research can help validate the need for your product or service, identify your target audience, and understand their needs and challenges. This foundational insight ensures that you're building something people want and need.

When entering a new market

If you're planning to expand your offerings to new markets or user demographics, UX research can provide insights into the preferences and behaviors of these new potential users, ensuring your product adapts to meet different cultural or market-specific requirements.

When experiencing user engagement or conversion issues

If your product is facing low user engagement or conversion rates, UX research can uncover the root causes of these issues, whether they're related to usability, value proposition, or mismatches between user expectations and the product experience.

Before a major redesign

If you're considering a significant redesign of an existing product, UX research can identify what's working, what's not, and how users' needs may have evolved since the original design. This ensures that the redesign is focused on genuine user needs, rather than assumptions.

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UX research should be an ongoing part of your design process, providing continuous feedback and insights as you prototype, test,and refine your product.

case studies.

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Dive into our case studies – not just to see our work, but to understand how Cieden approaches challenges and partners with clients.
UX Research Services Cieden


Interactive training tool.

The customer approached us with a straightforward task – to redesign an outdated platform that had multiple usability flaws. After a quick analysis of the product, we realized that it was missing Points of Difference – a strong differentiator among other similar products on the market. There were many stronger competitors out there on the market.

UX Research Services Cieden


Pantram: project management tool for freelancers.

Pantram was a third iteration of the client’s idea. The product changed its destination several times while using the same technology and frameworks. This indicated that market fit was missing, and the product was adapting to meet different user goals and needs. After several pivots, the client decided to conduct research to establish the problem and proceed to a solution rather than going backward.

UX Research Services Cieden

financial technology

Payroll management.

Payroll Management – a market pricing tool where payroll professionals can not only find all the data they need but also manage data in all the possible ways. Payroll Management aims to reduce the additional operational work for payroll managers by automating lots of work and performing mass action thus saving tons of time of manual work for experts.

UX Research Services Cieden


Food delivery eCommerce platform.

This client is one of the Philippines' premier online shopping destinations. Cieden collaborated with stakeholders to understand business requirements, gathered general user data, analyzed user behavior, and conducted competitor research using Google Analytics and Hotjar. We also created a user survey and user interview scripts to validate initial hypotheses and develop a UX strategy based on the results.

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