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We create user-friendly and delightful experiences that convert and keep your users engaged, ensuring your SaaS platform resonates at every touchpoint of their interaction.

Partner with Cieden to improve your engagement and retention rates with designs carefully aligned with your business objectives.

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Guiding startups to success

Want to transform your idea into a feasible and profitable SaaS product, but unsure of where to start? Our team guides startups in launching and scaling through every step of their design journey. We'll fast-track your idea with rapid prototyping, MVP development, POC, or low-code solutions. Our team proceeds step-by-step with informed decisions, backed by our expert analysts, with minimum risks for you.

SaaS Design Agency Cieden

Addressing scaling bottlenecks

Is design slowing down your product's scalability? We will identify growth zones for your product and implement new features efficiently without breaking the bank. Our strategic redesign will enhance functionality and user experience, ensuring your SaaS scales confidently while maintaining a lean and agile approach.

SaaS Design Agency Cieden

Strategic redesign for established companies

Is your SaaS solution feeling outdated, less usable, or difficult to scale? Cieden can breathe new life into your software by implementing incremental redesign and integrating the latest technologies like AI and cloud services. We focus on refining your user experience and ensuring a smooth, secure transition to a more modern and efficient system

SaaS Design Agency Cieden

Finding your unique identity

Finding it hard to stand out in a crowded market? We’ll dive deep into your product and business to pinpoint key points that set you apart. From there, we shape your brand identity and reflect it through product design and strategy. Our approach not only makes your SaaS distinct but also enriches the user experience, helping your product stand out and bring greater value.

SaaS Design Agency Cieden
SaaS Design Agency Cieden

Custom SaaS design services

Built by people for people .

Our SaaS design agency is more than just a service provider — we are your partners in growth, committed to building a lasting relationship that drives results in the long run.

We don’t complete tasks but collaborate closely with our clients, deeply impacting their products and businesses. Our designers dive deep into understanding your needs and continuously adapt strategies to align with your evolving business landscape.

Our dedicated designers and business analysts will anticipate and address your challenges, making it feel like an in-house extension of your team.

Cieden x Sitenna 

Discover how we designed interconnected high-end software to eliminate paperwork, cutting 5G network setup time from 24 months to just weeks.
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Working with the design team has been an absolute pleasure. I know we are sometimes slow and difficult to get responses from but Demian and Olena are always there looking to progress things. The detail that Demian thinks about in terms of our product is excellent. He is always looking to progress and improve the product. We are very happy with the service.

SaaS Design Agency Cieden

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SaaS Design Agency Cieden


A Digital Asset Management System for Blizzard.

BlizzCat is a customized content management platform that extends Innovative Dynamix's TheMIX. The system handles the metadata, content and related assets for Blizzard, such as thumbnails, cover and poster art. While BlizzCat has historically provided value to multiple teams, the actual interface was limited in its available functionalities and difficult to use.

SaaS Design Agency Cieden

real estate

Real estate Wizard wireframes.

Every real estate startup tackles with a taught competition on the market and works hard to differentiate by creating unique value for real estate companies. Product’s main value to customers derived form personalizsation of content catered to each potential customer, using automation algorithms and integration with third-party services and databases to enrich data.

Design for Enterprise-Level Product

real estate

Gridics' redesign: boosting user engagement and brand consistency

Gridics, a government and real estate tech startup, is dedicated to bringing transparency and accessibility to the world of zoning. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, Gridics translates complex zoning codes into user-friendly software, catering to both governmental bodies and private developers.

SaaS Design Agency Cieden

process management

Solutions for managing restaurants.

Managing a business is very complicated work - you must keep an eye on multiple directions simultaneously, have all processes properly set up, and have the proper tools on hand to assist you while monitoring and controlling all moving parts. We tried to create a SaaS solution for an early phase startup focused on small and medium restaurants, that would help to create and run a business in the Middle East region.

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Our SaaS UX/UI design services

UX Design

Developing user experiences that transform complex processes into intuitive, simple steps, and ensuring your UX design for SaaS is easy and delightful to engage with.

UI Design

Packaging user-friendly UX into visually appealing and marketable interfaces to combine usability with aesthetics.


Creating detailed, clickable prototypes that provide a full preview of your product's navigation and functionality.


Designing a recognizable visual style for your SaaS product that resonates with users and sets you apart from competitors.

Design Systems

Creating comprehensive and consistent design language, style, and documentation for all of your products.

Discovery as a service

Diving deep into your market, users, and competitors, and validating hypotheses to ensure all decisions are data-driven and your product meets real user needs.

Other services for SaaS

Enrich your SaaS functionality and bring innovation with extra services like video production, UX audit, consulting, or AI design.

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Core SaaS design principles that guide our work

Made for your industry

Our SaaS design services prioritize customization for each niche and industry. We align every aspect of your product with your unique business processes and workflows, covering both core functionalities and custom-made integrations for your niche.

Ready to grow and scale

Our solutions will scale effortlessly as your business starts to expand. From managing growing data volumes to accommodating a larger user base, we make sure your SaaS solution maintains optimal performance and functionality to support your scaling

At the forefront of innovation

We are fans of AI innovations, ensuring our SaaS designs are both cutting-edge and responsive to user needs. For example, we design features like ML algorithms to predict user behaviors, NLP to improve user interactions, and AI-driven chatbots to enhance customer support.

Data visualization

Our intuitive dashboards and straightforward analytics make key data easy to access and analyze. With custom dashboards in our SaaS UI design, users can tailor data views with role-specific metrics and KPIs, allowing them to make data-driven decisions quicker and more effectively.

Hyper-personalized UX

We create deeply personalized user experiences, making every interaction feel uniquely tailored and relevant to different user roles. Features like dynamic user interfaces adapt to multiple factors, including the device type, user role, or specific tasks — aiming to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Mobile-first approach

Our SaaS designs are built to perform flawlessly across all mobile devices, ensuring they are easy to access and navigate. Features like mobile-first touch optimization and fully responsive layouts allow you to extend your user reach, creating a more delightful on-the-go experience.

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