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Cieden can develop or optimize SaaS UI/UX design to help your company achieve its business goals.

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SaaS companies work with Cieden as we, to quote our client, “have a fundamental understanding of business” combined with UI/UX, marketing, and business analysis expertise. We design SaaS products that accumulate and retain target audiences and drive all key metrics up to ensure your company stays competitive and relevant.

Our UI/UX for SaaS Services

UX Design

Developing an experience that transforms complex processes into simple steps

UI Design

Packaging UX into a marketable and appealing interface


Creating clickable product prototypes with complete navigation


Designing a recognizable visual style of your SaaS product

Design Systems

Creating Comprehensive and consistent Design Language, Style and Documentation for all of your products


Learning Market, Users and Competitors, Validating hypothesis

Other services for SaaS

Marketing Strategy, Video Production, SMM, PPC, etc.

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UI/UX Design for SaaS Process: Stages


To ensure that the future SaaS UI/UX design will serve your business, we need to discuss your project vision, brand strategy, and goals.
UI/UX Design for SaaS Process: Strategy Phase


A solid SaaS design starts with extensive research: We use analytics, content audit, and user interviews to get the needed data.
UI/UX Design for SaaS Process: Discovery Phase


After the discovery phase, we have the data to create personas, use cases, and storyboards. They are the foundation of the successful design process.
UI/UX Design for SaaS Process: Data Analysis


During the design stage, we develop the UI/UX of the SaaS product. Relying on moodboards and product maps, we create detailed sketches and wireframes. Then, we create a fully clickable prototype and test it with end-users to find the areas for improvement. If needed, we make improvements and retest the design.
UI/UX Design for SaaS Process: Design Phase


It’s the beta launch of the SaaS product, during which we check whether everything works as intended. If needed, we perform updates before the final launch.
UI/UX Design for SaaS Process: Production Phase

Design Support

To ensure that your SaaS UI/UX stays relevant and meets the growing demand, we can provide continuous design support and maintenance. We’ll keep a close eye on all important metrics to help notice any user experience weaknesses and address them.
UI/UX Design for SaaS Process: Design Support

Explore Our UI/UX Design for SaaS Portfolio

E-learning Platform Design


E-Learning Platform

Study Flow is an e-learning platform helping students to organize study materials and learn how to memorize subjects effectively. Having this in mind, Study Flow enhances traditional note-taking with interactive study techniques such as Spaced Repetition, Testing, Interleaving and Categorizing.

Task Management System Design

task management

Task Management System

Manpower Investment Monitoring (MIM) is a task management system, created by Exceeders, which aims at increasing employee productivity by enabling effective performance management within a company. The system was initially developed as a separate product, and later it became one of the widgets for the advanced StemeXe application.

Real Estate Wizard Wireframes

real estate

Real Estate Wizard Wireframes

The solution was in the real estate domain, for brokerage and real estate agencies all over the world. It contained three cornerstone blocks of the system: management of property listings, management of leads and clients, and website builder for quick and easy creation of personalized webpages. It was part of a larger product environment, which shared the same data sources. A solution of this kind is unique, though there are indirect competitors that cover certain features.

Design for Enterprise-Level Product

real estate

Enterprise-Level Product

Gridics is a government and real estate tech startup that seeks to make the world of zoning more transparent and accessible. Its proprietary algorithms translate hard-to-understand zoning codes into actionable software that can be used by governments and private developers alike. Cieden was retained to provide 360-degree product consulting services, from feature prioritization and UX to branding and UI.

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Why choose Cieden for UI/UX design for SaaS?

  • We have a fundamental understanding of business required to design effective SaaS products
  • We provide cost-efficient services by optimizing management processes
  • We choose experienced UI/UX designers or business analysts to lead our SaaS projects
  • We validate our hypotheses, strive for product-market fit, and prioritize the speed of use
  • We know the trends of the modern SaaS design
  • We combine business analysis, marketing, and design expertise
  • We have a spotless track record
  • We are closely involved in all stages of development from idea validation to the final result

UI/UX Design for SaaS: Why it Matters 

In the saturated market, SaaS products with the most intuitive and seamless user experiences get the majority of customers.

That’s why it’s important to start with a solid SaaS UI/UX foundation and continuously improve it to stay competitive.

At Cieden, we develop a habit-forming SaaS design. Such a UI/UX provides an intuitive interaction that’s easily transformed into a pleasant routine with which your users feel smart and masterful. Coupled with a beautiful interface, the resulting design drives engagement and improves customer retention. 

SaaS products that prove an ultimate user experience win the market, and we want to develop such a product for you. 

User Interface (UI) for SaaS

At Cieden, SaaS UI design service means:

  • Designing relevant and engaging interfaces that put you ahead of the curve 
  • Ensuring that colors, typography, composition, forms, and shapes create a pleasant visual experience that boosts engagement
  • Creating design systems to maintain consistency of SaaS UI and save you future development costs


User Interface (UI) for SaaS

User Experience (UX) for SaaS

At Cieden, SaaS UX design service means:

  • Improving key metrics to drive more engagement
  • Basing all important decisions on research and business goals
  • Crafting user experiences that decrease customer friction and minimize time-to-value
  • Minimizing the possibility of user errors
  • Taking care of users’ needs іo you can deal with strategic business development 

As a result of the UI/UX for SaaS, you reduce customer churn, increase customer satisfaction, increase customer engagement, and eliminate customer frustration by optimizing complex processes. 

User Experience (UX) for SaaS