Dedicated Design Team.

Hire a dedicated design team that seamlessly integrates into your workflows, enhances your in-house capabilities, and substantially contributes to your objectives.

We're not just filling a gap; we're becoming a seamless extension of your team, dedicated to your success.

What is a dedicated design team model?

Dedicated design team .

Your long-term partner

At Cieden, we've seen firsthand that established businesses need more than just design. They're looking for a partner who deeply understands their industry and product. That's why we introduced our Dedicated Design Team cooperation model, offering deep, specialized knowledge and long-term commitment.

We shaped the environment where every team member, internal or outsourced, embraces the company's culture and goals, ensuring dedication, expertise, and collaboration.

Our dedicated designers become an integral part of your team, aligning with your goals and actively driving their successful achievement.

We manage all aspects of team dynamics, including replacements for vacations or adjusting the skillset as your project evolves. This means uninterrupted progress and consistent quality.

4 reasons to hire a dedicated design team

Industry-specific expertise on demand

We don't just design; we immerse ourselves in your industry. Our team not only contributes to your current project but also brings insights that can shape future strategies.

Faster turnaround

Direct focus cuts out the delays typically associated with multitasking across various projects. It leads to a deeper understanding of your project, enabling rapid problem-solving and efficient decision-making.

Flexibility and adaptability

Our teams are built to adjust to your needs. Need to scale up for a major initiative or downsize post-launch? We can do that quickly and efficiently, ensuring you have the right talent at the right time.

Cost-efficient and faster recruitment

Avoid infrastructure expenses such as office space and equipment and skip the hiring hassle. We promptly match specialists from our pool to your project, provide essential tools, and seamless communication and organizational management.

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Hire a dedicated design team if:

Your in-house team is overloaded

When your team is swamped with tasks, you need an extra set of hands. Our dedicated designers will swiftly integrate into your processes and help manage overwhelming workloads.

You have an expertise gap

When your internal team needs unique skills or domain-specific expertise for certain projects or tasks, like a designer skilled in legacy system modernization in real estate, hiring a dedicated specialist proves more time and cost-efficient.

Project’s scope, budget & timeline can vary

Facing budget shifts or integrating new technology? Our dedicated teams can easily scale up or down at any project stage, expanding their capabilities and resources in line with your project's growth.

You encounter scalability issues

If you're planning to scale, a dedicated design team is a strategic choice. We provide quick access to relevant, on-demand resources as you grow. Should scaling plans shift, reducing the team size can be done with minimal cost and effort, ensuring alignment with your project's direction.

Your project is long-term 

For projects over 6 months, continuity and consistency in design are key. A dedicated team ensures stable, long-term support, keeping your project on track and maintaining quality throughout its duration.

You deal with tight deadlines 

We have a diverse pool of designers that are quick at onboarding and easily integrate into any project pace to deliver results within tight deadlines.