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Experiencing any of these common UX issues in your web app design?

User numbers are dropping instead of staying steady or growing

Users often find web application design unappealing or challenging to navigate. It leads to decreased user engagement and higher bounce rates. We create user-centric designs with intuitive user journeys, personalized features, gamification elements, and smart push notifications to enhance user retention, boost engagement, and drive higher conversion rates.

Web App Design Services Cieden

Lack of flexibility and scalability leads to user drop-off

When an app can't adapt or grow with user needs, they are more likely to drop off. To prevent this, our web application designers integrate modular frameworks, responsive layouts, and AI-powered features such as smart personalization and predictive user experiences. Our apps remain scalable, adaptable, and relevant.

Web App Design Services Cieden

Users are getting frustrated or don’t use 50% of app functionality

Complex onboarding often leads to user frustration. To refine onboarding and feature engagement, we conduct user testing and feedback loops, A/B testing, and analyze heatmaps and session recordings. We implement interactive walkthroughs, progressive feature introduction, and personalized onboarding flows.

Web App Design Services Cieden

Complicated navigation and poor information architecture overwhelm users

Users often struggle with poor information architecture and a non-intuitive layout in web apps. We conduct thorough user research to understand their needs and behaviors and structure content logically and intuitively. By employing best practices in information hierarchy, clear labeling, and intuitive UX patterns, we create user-friendly navigation systems.

Web App Design Services Cieden
Web App Design Services Cieden

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Web app design services .

Over the last eight years, we've learned a crucial lesson about why web apps fail. They often fail due to a deep misunderstanding of users. This usually happens due to poor research, gut-based decisions, and overlooked feedback, all leading to a poor user experience.

Recognizing this, we emphasize Discovery and testing. Our web application designers dive deep into understanding the business, the product, the market, and most importantly, the users. Our goal is to create web applications that are intuitive to use and pleasant to engage with. This involves rigorous testing, hypothesis validation, and continuous refinement.

Additionally, our mission goes beyond just design. We aim to influence your product. Our focus is on introducing innovations that keep your product relevant and ahead of the curve, not just for today but for the future. This commitment to innovation and forward-thinking is what sets Cieden apart in delivering successful, user-centric web applications.

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Web App Design Services Cieden

real estate

Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project.

Carbon Lighthouse is a forward-thinking company dedicated to helping commercial real estate owners increase their income by implementing energy-efficient building improvement projects and harnessing cutting-edge technologies. The company empowers CRE owners to maximize their return on investment while contributing to a cleaner environment. Founded in 2010, Carbon Lighthouse has amassed an impressive track record, impacting over 1,500 buildings across the United States.

Web App Design Services Cieden

health and wellness

MedEntry: improving UX of the educational platform.

MedEntry has developed an online platform and mobile application that prepares students for the exams to enter medical universities in the most accessible and user-friendly manner. Their innovative and intuitive tool is designed to personalize student training and feedback to plan all the educational activities properly.

Web App Design Services Cieden


Recruitment marketplace.

Our customer approached us with nothing more but an idea to build a B2B recruiting app and a very rough-coded prototype. As exciting as our customer’s vision was, it lacked deep marketing and design understanding of its implementation. That’s where Cieden came in. Empowered with marketing and product research, we turned an idea into a comprehensive, actionable plan to design, launch, and market the product and then executed it.

Web App Design Services Cieden

health and wellness

MVP for united healthcare data application.

The healthcare industry is overflowing with patient data and this amount still keeps growing exponentially. Nowadays, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to manage their own medical information. Therefore, a client came up with an unconventional solution that is channeled into solving this problem through synthesizing, structuring, and providing user access to medical data within one single platform.

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