Hire Design Leads.

Hire design leads to guide design teams in creating innovative and user-centric UX/UI design, and providing strategic leadership for a long-term project just like in-house experts.

We go beyond creative flair, infusing strategic thinking into every design decision.

Hire Design Leads Cieden

Your long-term partner .

Hire design leads.

At Cieden, we've seen firsthand that established businesses need more than just design. They're looking for a partner who deeply understands their industry and product. We shaped the environment where every team member, internal or outsourced, embraces the company's culture and goals, ensuring dedication, expertise, and collaboration.

Cieden’s design leads are holistic experts in UX/UI design. They not only excel in creating problem-solving user experiences but also in steering projects for peak performance. Adaptable across methodologies like Lean UX and Agile UX, they bring innovative product concepts to life, emphasizing user-centricity and AI integration. Beyond technology, their proficiency extends to successfully leading and mentoring large teams.

Hiring a design lead is more than filling a role; it’s a collaborative, long-term partnership. At Cieden, specialists are handpicked based on each project's needs, providing the best match in expertise and vision.

Our commitment extends to full integration into your workflow, ensuring the same level of engagement as with an in-house lead designer.

6 reasons to hire design leads

Streamlined design process flow

Design leads define innovative concepts, optimize day-to-day operations, maintain ongoing communication with C-level executives, and establish a strong team to ensure efficient design execution and faster delivery.

User needs as “main priority”

Design leads at Cieden are skilled in building high-quality and consistent design across all customer touchpoints. They prioritize user needs, resulting in intuitive, enjoyable products that resonate with your audience.

Efficient risk mitigation

Cieden specialists merge industry expertise, project management skills, and design principles. It helps us to proactively identify and mitigate risks at an early stage to guarantee a smooth and successful project journey.

Informed decision-making

Our design leads value advanced critical insight, utilizing swift A/B testing and aligning with business goals. Their decisions are well-informed and user-centric and made to drive continuous project improvement.

Optimized team management

Our specialists establish precise guidelines for handling documentation and feedback. We leverage workshops, retrospectives, and collaborative design sessions, ensuring a seamless and effective workflow.

Long-term design planning

We develop a detailed UX design roadmap for long-term feature implementation. This provides you with a solid design strategy for sustained growth in user engagement, fortified brand loyalty, and enduring product success.

Hire a design lead if:

Your team lacks expert guidance

Our senior design leads fill critical gaps, bridging communication and mentoring designers to amplify team talent. With transparent strategy communication and unified behavior standards, they help you build a cohesive team and elevate its performance to new heights.

Your project needs strategic leadership

Cieden’s design leads not only focus on creating human-centric digital experiences but also offer valuable insights into your overall product strategy. They build meaningful experiences that increase user retention, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Your design & business goals are mismatched

Our design leads for hire examine your business goals, and translate them into actionable design strategies, while also educating your team about broader business insights. The applied strategy is adjusted to ensure continued alignment and relevance with the dynamic project needs.

You want to stay beyond innovations

We proactively analyze and integrate the latest innovations, fostering a culture of adaptive design. With a focus on continuous skill development, Cieden ensures your project not only meets current standards but positions you as a forward-thinking industry leader.

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Hire Design Leads Cieden

process management

Sitenna: modernized telecom site acquisition & management platform.

Sitenna team reached a point where they wanted to reduce manual processes and consolidate all necessary tools onto a single platform. Additionally, they felt that their brand identity was not being effectively conveyed and that their website could generate more leads.Therefore, the client chose Cieden as a trusted partner to design a high-end software tool along with a website and the brand identity behind it.

Hire Design Leads Cieden

health and wellness

MedEntry: improving UX of the educational platform.

MedEntry has developed an online platform and mobile application that prepares students for the exams to enter medical universities in the most accessible and user-friendly manner. Their innovative and intuitive tool is designed to personalize student training and feedback to plan all the educational activities properly.

Hire Design Leads Cieden


Open IQ: redesigning a leading call center software in the cloud.

Since the product was established long ago, the outdated design didn’t reflect the excellence of its software functionality, ever-changing user needs and required UI modernization and UX improvement to keep growing in the competitor market. Our team quickly onboarded, conducted an audit, and suggested UX improvements.

Hire Design Leads Cieden

real estate

Enterprise- level product.

Gridics is a government and real estate tech startup that seeks to make the world of zoning more transparent and accessible. Its proprietary algorithms translate hard-to-understand zoning codes into actionable software that can be used by governments and private developers alike. Cieden was retained to provide 360-degree product consulting services, from feature prioritization and UX to branding and UI. This partnership resulted in the launch of two additional apps, a strong product suite brand, and demonstrable client growth with top-tier cities like New York.

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