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Let’s create your intuitive and employee-centered enterprise software design

Enterprise UX –
refers to the design of an internal solution used exclusively by enterprise users and tailored to their unique needs, business domains, and business & operational goals.

Difference between enterprise and

consumer applications

And what you should pay attention to while choosing the design team for your enterprise product:

Complexity of the enterprise software requires subject matter experts

Yes, fancy consumer apps don't count: a designer must have proven cases of creating large-scale information systems, as well as a deeper level of knowledge in developing multiple workflows with interdependencies, visualizing difficult data knowing dashboard design principles, and creating clear documentation for software products.

You can’t do it alone: efficient teamwork is a must

There is only one way to ensure that your enterprise software application will be designed for efficiency – to meet its actual users' needs. And this is a designer’s responsibility to organize design sessions and input management from diverse product teams and stakeholders, gathering feedback and tackling any uncertainties and gaps through effective collaborative techniques on a daily basis.

A “doer” mindset doesn't fit: designer should see a bigger picture

Having you as an industry thought leader, a designer must back you up in bringing your business requirements to life, considering a new solution as a part of the entire organization. That means proactively leading the design process, identifying potential roadblocks or limitations, and providing solutions to address them before they become bigger issues.

Why do most enterprise software applications have poor UX?

Prioritizing immediate cost savings over UX
It's a common pitfall to prioritize cost savings over the user experience of enterprise products during the development process. Paradoxically, this often results in higher expenditures in the long run, as design flaws and development errors require rectification. Nearly 40% of our clients approach us to redesign their existing software, which is created with many errors and inconsistencies.
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Neglect of continuous UX testing and improvement
Often, internal applications are developed under a "one and done" mindset, ignoring the importance of ongoing user experience testing and improvement. In reality, end-user needs and preferences evolve over time, and the software should adapt accordingly. To bridge the communication gap, regular user feedback and usability testing should be integral parts of the development process, ensuring the software stays relevant and user-friendly. Neglecting this aspect often leads to a deteriorating user experience and a reduction in overall software effectiveness.
Employees aren't the customers, so why bother?
Yes, though your employees won’t bring you revenue by using your internal software and will utilize it even with a bad design, their user experience should not be discounted. A poorly designed user interface with bugs and other mood killers undermines employee productivity and motivation.
Inflexible architecture and design system
When the internal system was built in a hurry without future growth in mind, it is almost impossible to scale it properly. It is critical to instill a forward-thinking perspective into the enterprise UX design system, assuring its scalability to handle anticipated changes.
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Our enterprise design services

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Enterprise applications development

We always ensure the new product fits your entire company’s ecosystem, branding, and legal requirements. Our collaborative design process begins with UX research to learn the end-user needs and pain points. Having this information, we start brainstorming and ideation. After that, we develop mockups and prototypes to show you and the potential users how everything works. Having the design feedback, we conduct usability testing. During the development process, you have all the support you need from us.

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Redesign of the existing product

At some point in your business journey, your company may decide to update or change the design of the product. Modernizing outdated design, adapting to ever-changing user needs, or introducing new product functionality - all of these and much more are included in our enterprise UX/UI design services.

Here is what we can do:

  • redesign outdated UI
  • improve usability and accessibility
  • alleviate administration and management
  • create additional functionality for an existing solution
  • rearrange the flows to correspond to the changes in the organization
  • adapt a solution for different use cases
  • make sure that the product is user-friendly and has an intuitive design
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New features development

As a rule of thumb, when we redesign a product, we offer new features to further improve your enterprise UX design. But that is not the only case for new feature implementation. Our clients tend to return for more. The growing business needs often require new tools or possibilities for enterprise product design. However, you don’t need to be an existing client to contact us for this purpose. We are always happy to help you with:

  • implementation of new technologies or patterns
  • AI integration
  • automatization
  • new services or product introduction
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Enterprise design system building

A scalable design system is an investment that will pay off in the future. Ensuring consistency at every touchpoint, we create a scalable design to minimize the effort required to implement the changes you may decide to implement later. Aligning the enterprise UX design system with your brand book or a style guide is a way to achieve consistency. If there is a need, we can create a separate design of software for each of the branches of your business.

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AI integration

We specialize in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities where AI can significantly enhance your internal processes - be it data analysis, automation, or predictive modeling. In the contemporary competitive scenario, embracing AI is more than just an edge; it's imperative. Our AI integration service equips your enterprise product with intelligent functionalities, transforming it into an efficient asset that adapts to your evolving business needs. This ensures you remain a step ahead in the competitive marketplace.

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Choose a cooperation model that suits best your design project

Time & material model

The price for enterprise UX design will be defined based on the materials and resources required for project implementation including the working hours of assigned specialists. The scope of work will be pre-estimated and agreed upon the work start. Suits best if: you value flexibility and fair pricing based on the resources involved.

Monthly fixed-price model

We will allocate our UX specialist to work alongside your enterprise on delivering an intuitive design and sleek interface for your product. In case you will need an extra workforce or overtime will be required, we will bill you additionally. Suits best if: you have set predictable long-term goals and expect a budget defined in advance.

BOT: self-managed team for your custom needs

Our team will handle all project-related design processes and transfer ownership. Before the collaboration starts, all terms, conditions, and the project price will be agreed upon beforehand. The price for the project will be negotiated by both parties. Suits best if: you need to quickly create a new product outside of your existing scope of competencies.

Discover our design projects for enterprises

And it’s all over Clutch, Dribbble, and Behance for you to explore further! It’s not for nothing that we’re constantly named among top-rated design firms.
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Enhancing UX of Blizzard's CMS.

The gaming industry leader set out on a task to improve the user experience to align with the live-streaming needs of their famous events and conferences. The actual interface was limited in its available functionalities and difficult to use. As a result, it’s now much easier for multiple teams to track the progress of content as it passes through the digital supply chain while providing necessary metadata to OTT subscription services for end-user consumption.  

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process management

Redesign of the Enterprise Submission Platform

An old client of ours approached us with a request to redesign the legacy process management product. The focus of the design project was on improving usability and adding greater flexibility, and the ability to scale the process even more. After our thorough work, it ‘now’ takes approximately 5 minutes on average for an admin to create and configure a new process and a maximum of 2 minutes for a user to fill and submit it.

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Design solutions for Ecosulis

Ecosulis has been working for some time to automate data collection and analysis in the field to reduce the costs and time for surveys. Their biodiversity quality calculator and habitat valuation assessment tool both started as spreadsheet-based tools to analyze biodiversity and habitat in a variety of sites and conditions. They needed a design partner to cross-walk these tools to an easy-to-use online platform that was intuitive and efficient.

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process management

Improving employee productivity through effective UX

In a four-month project, two of our UX/UI designers collaborated with a stakeholder from Exceeders. The goal was to improve employee productivity through effective performance management. The project resulted in 120 screens for a mobile application, integrated into the StemeXe application as a widget. Our approach included stakeholder interviews, usability testing, cross-platform design, and design QA of the live solution.

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What is the minimum team size to work on enterprise user experience?

Every design project is unique. The number of specialists involved in a certain design project can vary. Depending on the multiple factors, we can assign one specialist to the self-managed team to create a UX design for your enterprise. Once we know more about your product, organization level, and needs, we will be able to give more details regarding the appropriate team composition and pricing model.

How do we organize teams for a project?

In order to organize our teams effectively, we use the internal competency matrix that serves us to form a winning team that will work on a client’s project. This tool enables Cieden to structure the recruiting process, assess candidates objectively, and ensure a top level of consistency through the interview process.

 We identify the best candidates suitable for a project and hire talents that fit the client's needs and expectations while ensuring top-notch design practices. Our matrix becomes even more useful when an enterprise has no clearly defined requirements which allows us to come up with an optimal team composition for a particular project.

What are the services we can provide?

 Cieden offers a wide range of services for companies of different sizes across multiple industries such as technology, edtech, finance, healthcare, govtech, and others. We have extensive experience in the global market and our design professionals are knowledgeable in enterprise design and marketing, business analysis, SaaS, and so much more to deliver exceptional solutions and get the most out of your project.

What type of services we don’t offer?

We have our specific range of services to offer and if some things required by a client are out of our scope of expertise — we are going to let you know right away. It’s better to get in touch with other contractors if you want to facelift your product without elaborating UX, if you want to create a brand identity, or work with graphic design only. Our team is empowered to work on projects to explore the full potential of UX/UI design services. 

Do we have a US entity?

Cieden is an international design agency with offices in Central Europe, Canada, and the US. Our team wants to be closer to our main customers and we have offices in different parts of the globe to get you all covered and bring personalized value to our collaboration.