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Design a commercially viable Edtech solution tailored to user needs - easy to navigate and delightful to use.
Edtech UX/UI Design Services
Enhance user learning experiences

Create an effective Edtech platform

Enhance user learning experiences

An effective EdTech platform isn't just visually appealing; it's a knowledge gateway – accessible, engaging, and intuitive. This understanding drives our design process, ensuring we design solutions that exceed user expectations and make your platform stand out in the dynamic EdTech market.

At Cieden, we believe that true differentiation comes from a deep understanding of the educational ecosystem — learners, educators, and evolving methods. We anticipate educational shifts, ensuring your product is relevant now and ready to lead tomorrow.

As strategic partners, we thoroughly research, grasp the nuances of your product and user needs, leverage analytics, and validate design choices, all focused on driving business results.

For 7 years we've successfully delivered 20+ projects for EdTech companies like MedEntry, Miestro, and more.

Our insights aboutㅤㅤㅤ
design for eLearning
Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden
Our insights aboutㅤㅤㅤ
design for eLearning
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Need an outstanding design? We deliver it and much more

Increased conversion 

Easy onboarding, clear navigation, intuitive design, and design for diversity encourage newcomers to explore the software and convert to dedicated users.

Enhanced user engagement

Gamification, interactivity, and other motivators increase learning enthusiasm, creating a delightful and engaging experience.

Improved accessibility

A user-friendly and accessible design, compliant with WCAG, ADA, and ATAG standards, attracts and retains more users, making them choose your product over competitors and increasing your presence in the EdTech market.

Increased revenue

A good user experience encourages users to try out premium features or other products you offer, which drives sales, upselling, and cross-selling. 

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Main EdTech design services

Learning management systems (LMS)

Content management, course previews, progress tracking, gamification features (streaks, leaderboards, levels, badges), video player and other multimedia tools, easy access to transcripts, note-taking, communication and feedback functionality, content favoriting, and bookmarking.

Language learning applications

Content management, text, audio, and video content support, skill assessment, custom graphics, progress tracking, gamification features (streaks, levels, badges, rewards), analytics, and mobile compatibility.

Assessment software

Performance scale, assessment tests, real-time progress tracking, assessment test builders, interactive question types, analytics for different roles (assessors and assessees), and feedback mechanism.

Student information systems (SIS)

Student profile management, document management, performance, and attendance analytics, visual data representation (charts, graphs, and tables), and group and individual comparison functionality.

Massive open online course platforms (MOOCs)

Courses marketplace, course builder, content management, easy navigation, course previews, progress tracking, gamification features (streaks, levels, badges, rewards), analytics, and skill assessment.

Enterprise solutions

Onboarding and training, text and video content management, internal knowledge bases, skill assessment, and other functionality for company internal needs.

case studies.

Explore our expertise in EdTech design

Dive into our case studies – not just to see our work, but to understand how Cieden approaches challenges and partners with clients.
Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden

health and wellness

MedEntry: improving UX of the educational platform.

The client turned to us to redesign their existing platforms for two different markets, design a mobile application, eliminate bugs, and make UX improvements to increase students' engagement and motivation, improve the way they use the platform, and simplify complex navigation and feature discoverability to offer a smoother experience.In addition, over time new features have been introduced to enhance the platform and also required design expertise.

Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden


Designing a progressionist E-learning platform.

The client turned to us with the request to bring their idea to life and deliver an app with an engaging learning experience. To implement it, we have assigned 3 specialists to work on this project — Business Analyst, Project Manager, and UX/UI Designer. During our collaboration, Cieden worked jointly with the stakeholder to dive into their idea and understand various study methods and their effectiveness.

Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden


Language learning platform.

Regardless of your linguistic ability, sharing language is all about connecting. That’s exactly what the Language Tools (LT) does. The app is a vibrant community of language lovers that will help you thrive. LT helps students with a wide range of educational activities ranging from writing essays to talking to actual native speakers and fellow learners. In turn, with the help of the platform, the teachers can focus only on what matters most – teaching. No need to rack your brains over the payment process, scheduling, or finding students.

Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden


Interactive training tool.

The customer approached us with a straightforward task – to redesign an outdated platform that had multiple usability flaws. After a quick analysis of the product, we realized that it was missing Points of Difference – a strong differentiator among other similar products on the market. There were many stronger competitors out there on the market.

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And we have done it for leading companies worldwide

Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden
Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden
Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden
Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden Edtech UX/UI Design Services Cieden