Fitness app.

fitness app

Project Plan


Design a mobile & web application to improve user engagement via gamification


1 UX Designer, 1 UI Designer


1 year


A mobile & web app, 110 screens


The design implemented in the functional product


The Movement Athlete is a sporting community service. Its main aim is to help people work out independently and achieve their goals. The main idea of the service is to revolutionize the fitness industry. Instead of dieting and exercising, they offer moving and eating. “We explore our body and its potential through movement” is one of their slogans.

The initial functional included typing in your aim and, based on your parameters and physical abilities so far, the app helped you achieve it. It would give professional advice on what physical activity is good for your development and what is too early to do.


  • The client conducted their own research
  • Scientific approach
  • Innovative approach to sport activities
  • A very positive and encouraging manager on the client’s side


  • Limited budget
  • Lack of similar solutions and references
  • Much built on hypothesis before the first prototype was issued




Despite the revolutionary and very professional approach, The Movement Athlete service lacked one part, crucial in the modern world. It had no mobile app. Which is even more crucial, people who work out individually like going outside and being on the move. So, implementing a mobile application for the service was of first necessity.





UX solutions

So, our task was to create an app that’s easy to use and keeps the users involved. After analysing the data our client provided, we came to a solution. To main functional we decided to add user communication features, such as feed, messaging, or even finding a workout buddy.

Soon we came up with the first wireframes.



fitness app

UI solutions

fitness app

Web Application

Fitness App Cieden

Cieden team led a UX and UI design for The Movement Athlete app and we have been thrilled with its work, work ethics, and creativity.

We were on a short timeframe to deliver the wireframes to the investors and Cieden team really raise up to the challenge, not only providing high-quality designs but also contributing ideas on functionality and the best way to solve UX challenges.

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