Qualizy. Task tracking
for restaurants.

UX/UI Design for Qualizy, task tracking tool for restaurants

Project Plan


Improve UX and overall usage of the product, design new features


1 Business Analyst and 2 UX/UI Designers


2 months of active work and ca. 4 months of support


UX/UI design of full user flow for two personas (desktop, mobile and tablet), development support


UX improvements implemented, usage of the product improved, less customer support reports, currently product is scaling


Qualizy is a startup created by a well-known French chef and advocate for food security and HACCP compliance. Customers mainly used the product to track tasks in kitchens and keep documentation organized. The problem was, Qualizy wasn’t being used to its full capacity – most features were not utilized or used effectively. The client approached us to help improve the UX of the product, along with creating new capabilities.



  • Peak of demand in food compliance apps
  • The client is an expert within the domain
  • Received feedback from actual users of the product
  • Applied insights from competitor research
  • App integrated with hardware devices
  • Technical limitations due to the existing code base
  • Unique environment of app usage
  • Main actor of the app is a team of users
  • Urgency of the release due to COVID pandemic

Step 1

Discovery Phase

Since this was a working product, our first step was to review existing functionality and audit the UX. We discovered that to launch the product quickly, Qualizy had been adapted with a preset framework for e-commerce applications. In most use cases it leads to confusion and inappropriate controls usage. After getting acquainted with the current functionality, we conducted competitor research to understand what approaches and patterns were being applied by direct competitors or other task tracking tools. We also considered the environment in which our target personas operated (Kitchen manager/owner of business and employee), what devices they typically used, and how frequently they were logging in tasks.

UX/UI Design for Qualizy: Discovery Phase

Step 2


The next step was brainstorming the different ways a manager could handle multiple tasks and how an employee could log tasks on a portable device (mobile and tablet). We created wireframes of the most critical flows to experiment with the layout and controls, and discover which could be used at a hectic pace.

UX/UI Design for Qualizy: Wireframing

Step 3

UI design

To create less friction for existing product users, we kept the same visual styles – colors, typography, and rounded input styles. However, we fully changed and improved page layouts, navigation throughout the platform, components, and their usage.

UX/UI Design for Qualizy: UI Design

Step 4


In order to promote this product and gain new users, all features and capabilities needed to be properly communicated on the Product Landing page. The existing page was excessively text-heavy, poorly structured, and didn’t give a clear overview of what the product can do or what value it can provide. We made it simple and clear.

UX/UI Design for Qualizy: Landing page design

Step 5

Support development

To ensure proper implementation of the design, we reviewed the functionality after it was released and provided feedback from both functional and design implementation perspectives.

UX/UI Design for Qualizy: Development Support


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