Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants.

Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden
Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden


  • the client collected feedback from actual users of the product and used the findings to improve UX;
  • Cieden team assisted in conducting deep competitor research and applying the findings to revamp the app;
  • we helped to develop new features and design the logic of integration of the app with hardware devices;
  • the app was launched during the peak of demand in food compliance apps;


  • technical limitations due to the existing code base;
  • unique environment of app usage;
  • main actor the app is a team of users;
  • urgency of the release due to COVID pandemic;
Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden
Fuel Digital Transformation in Food Industry .

We designed an app that makes food safety and health digital while reaching operational supremacy.

Pixel-perfect design

A wide functionality is only a halfway point of digital product success. In order to really nail it, the design of both web and mobile versions should be pixel-perfect. In order to achieve that we assisted the customer in conducting market and user research. 

Based on the findings of the UX research, we have determined how the interface can solve user pains and needs, and improve the UX of the existing website.

To create less friction for existing product users, we kept the same visual styles – colors, typography, and rounded input styles. However, we fully changed and improved page layouts, navigation throughout the platform, components, and their usage.

Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden

Creation of complex reports

We have developed comprehensive, easy-to-use reports that display meaningful information in the most clear and communicative way. 

Convenient task management

Creating tasks
Performance monitoring

The app helps teams effectively collaborate in real-time: create, assign, and track tasks and rapidly close the feedback loop.

The app allows continuous monitoring of all the required processes and keeping a finger on the pulse of every workflow.

Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden
Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden
Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden

Landing page

In order to promote this product and gain new users, all features and capabilities needed to be properly communicated on the Product Landing page. The existing page was excessively text-heavy, poorly structured, and didn’t give a clear overview of what the product can do or what value it can provide. We made it simple and clear.

Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden
Working Process .

At Cieden we are sharp-focused on the efficiency, ease of use, and utility of every user interaction with an app.

Discovery Phase

Since this was a working product, our first step was to review existing functionality and audit the UX. We discovered that to launch the product quickly, Qualizy had been adapted with a preset framework for e-commerce applications. In many cases, this can lead to confusion and inappropriate controls usage.

After getting acquainted with the current functionality, we conducted competitor research to understand what approaches and patterns were being applied by direct competitors or other task tracking tools. We also considered the environment in which our target personas operated (Kitchen manager/owner of business and employee), what devices they typically used, and how frequently they were logging in tasks.

Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden

Competitor Research and IA

Despite the newness of the technology and the little-explored market, our client already had quite a few competitors. While most of them had different technological solutions, they all targeted the same customer segment and pursued similar business objectives.

To secure our client, we have researched both direct and indirect competitors to understand their edges and weaknesses, so that we could address a user's needs and pain points in a better way.

Documentation and Dev Support

Along with design source files, the Cieden team prepared supporting documentation. Its key deliverables included: a general system overview; user cases and user stories; roles/permission matrix; acceptance criteria; BPMN process diagrams; end-to-end user flows.

Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants. Cieden

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