Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project.

Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden
Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden
Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden


  • face the difficulty of designing charts and graphics to visualize a large amount of data;
  • work under tight deadlines and fast-paced processes; 
  • adapt quickly to expanding client requests while maintaining the quality of work; 
  • dive into a challenging industry to identify user needs;
  • rectify design patterns from a previous agency that didn't meet the client's expectations;
  • redesign and improve the product to enhance usability and purpose clarity for end-users; 
  • take on a consultative role, offering ideas, and brainstorm regarding the UX for the product. 


  • conducted a comprehensive analysis of existing results, materials, user interviews, feedback, and documents to gain valuable insights;
  • performed an exhaustive UX audit of the app;
  • engaged in creative brainstorming sessions to generate a wide range of design ideas;
  • executed a redesign to improve usability and address outdated design elements;
  • developed a UI kit and style guide, refreshed the colors to align with  company’s  current tone of voice and branding;
  • expanded our scope and took on additional tasks, including branding assistance with brochures and ensuring visual consistency, as the project progressed;
  • provided ongoing consultation and collaborated closely with the client to offer ideas and solutions for the UX design;
Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden

Main focus of our UX/UI design 

Based on the results of our brainstorming session and thorough analysis of competitors and user feedback, we have prioritized the following areas of focus:

  • ensuring readability, clarity, and effective contrast of the overall design; 

  • implementing gamification elements to encourage users to provide the extensive data required for generating accurate reports;

  • emphasizing data visualization while maintaining a minimalist and uncluttered interface;

  • shifting our focus towards text-based communication as the true essence of the platform lies in the data itself.

Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden
Our approach .

The client came to us with the request to deliver this project within tight timeframes and we agreed as we pride ourselves on our ability to work quickly and efficiently. Our fast-paced work style doesn't compromise on quality; rather, it enables us to meet deadlines while maintaining a high standard of work.

By actively incorporating the client's feedback, we ensured that all concerns or adjustments were addressed promptly and the final product was aligned with their vision and expectations. In addition, we offered the client a diverse range of design concept options they needed to empower them to make informed decisions based on their goals.

It all contributed to seamless collaboration, fostering a strong working relationship and an impactful final deliverable. As a result, the client was delighted with the project's success and returned to work with us on other projects they had in the pipeline.

Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden

Building overview & engaging forms

The platform offers a user-friendly experience, allowing property owners to easily add their buildings for access to insightful analytical data. Adding a building involves completing a comprehensive form with essential information, ensuring the accuracy of subsequent reports. 

To enhance user engagement, we've introduced the gamification element.  A progress bar keeps track of form completion, and each step is supported by clear explanations, illuminating the value of the provided data in analyzing property revenue potential.  

Additionally, timely notifications will gently remind users to revisit and complete the form. After adding all the buildings users own, they can have a convenient list or card view with all the core details with the future revenue possibilities.

Comprehensive dashboard

Once a user has completed the form, the system will generate comprehensive reports and revenue predictions for each individual building. These reports can be conveniently accessed through the insightful dashboard we created. Our team has gone the extra mile to ensure that the data is visually presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, with highly visible and readable charts. 

Furthermore, users can also assess and examine buildings that share similar characteristics based on the information provided. This helps to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the data, fostering a trustworthy and loyal attitude towards the platform.

The dashboard provides access to all the essential reports related to a specific building, allowing investors to analyze and evaluate the potential revenue that can be generated from the property, as well as the positive impact it can have on CO2 reduction. Additionally, users have the option to easily download the full reports to their own device. 

To unlock the complete view of the analytical data, users can choose to subscribe to the paid platform, which grants them different levels of access.

Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden


SMARTcapital Brochure
SMARTincome Brochure

During our collaboration, the client expanded our project scope, giving us the opportunity to take on additional tasks that included providing branding assistance with brochures. 

Our talented designers created visually captivating brochures that perfectly met the client's business needs. We maintained a strong focus on visual consistency, ensuring that every brochure we produced aligned seamlessly with the client's overall brand image.

Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden

Boosting the development process

In our collaboration with the client, we provided comprehensive developer support to facilitate a smooth development process. We actively communicated with the developers to assist them in implementing the design efficiently, resulting in a successful and cohesive final product.
By providing clear and detailed explanations of the design concepts and functionalities, we ensured a seamless transition from design to development.

To maintain consistency and streamline the development process, we also created a design system and style guide. This documentation outlined design principles, components, and guidelines that developers could follow to ensure a cohesive and unified user experience across the product.

Revamped UX design for a sustainable property investment project Cieden

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