Desktop lie detector software.

Desktop Lie Detector Software Cieden


Our client is an innovative provider of human behavior analysis and screenings. With their high-accuracy AI-assisted video analytics functionalities, they've been revolutionizing the industry. However, their platform wasn't as user-friendly as they'd like, with several desktop applications that made the interface complex and challenging to navigate.

That's where Cieden came in! We helped our client redesign and unite their separate desktop applications into a single solution. The result? More intuitive navigation, new features, including analytics, wearables support, and expanded screening capabilities. With our help, our client provided an all-in-one tool for screening people on-site or analyzing video recordings.


  • A dream client — collaborative, open to new design ideas, and willing to trust our design team every step of the way.
  • Very few designs iterations
  • Sharp and clear product documentation as input for the design
  • Client was ready to work hand in hand with the designers


  • Tight and looming deadlines
  • End-users are unreachable
  • No chance to experience the actual solution, documentation only
Simple but powerful .

Our SaaS solution was crafted to deliver functionality and power while keeping the user experience seamless, simple, and straightforward, all with a touch of sheer elegance.

Desktop Lie Detector Software Cieden

UI Concept

At the UI Concept stage, we immersed ourselves in the users' world and envisioned how this app would fit their needs.

With a strong focus on video content analysis, our team experimented with layouts and balances to create the perfect user experience. Drawing inspiration from video editing tools, our Design Concept is tailored to integrate with the core function of media content processing seamlessly.

Desktop Lie Detector Software Cieden
Working Process .

Our services are tailored to fit your business like a glove, providing tangible value that will leave you feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Can we hear a sigh of relief?

Discovery Phase

We believe every investigator deserves the best tools to do their job effectively. That's why we've been working hard to improve the software's interface and analysis capabilities based on extensive research and documentation. Our goal? To make the interrogation experience as smooth and intuitive as possible for investigators everywhere.

Desktop Lie Detector Software Cieden

Information Architecture

As we delved into the product documentation, we gained insights into how users interacted with the system, identifying their needs and wants. Armed with this knowledge, we set out to create an information architecture that would make running screening procedures a breeze. By seamlessly merging multiple modules, we've created an experience that makes screening procedures efficient and stress-free.

Design System

Our team has crafted a design system that guarantees a seamless and consistent user experience across all platforms and devices. This system comprises typography, color palette, iconography, and interactive components, which together steer the development of web and mobile applications. 

It's not just flexible and scalable, it's the secret ingredient to our project's success, eliminating inconsistencies, streamlining development, and delivering an exceptional user experience that users will love.

Desktop Lie Detector Software Cieden

Documentation and dev support

When designs are implemented into code, it’s common for bugs - and even UX issues - to appear. This is why our designers provide continued support throughout the development process. With the help of Simran Butalia of BeBop Technology, we identified additional error states to design while continuously reviewing the interface’s development to ensure that everything was ending up
pixel perfect.

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