Manpower investment

UX/UI Design for task management system

Project Plan


2 UX/UI Designers, 1 Stakeholder


4 Months


120 screens for mobile app


Design implemented in a functional product


Manpower Investment Monitoring (MIM) is a task management system, created by  Exceeders, which aims at increasing employee productivity by enabling effective performance management within a company.

The system was initially developed as a separate product, and later it became one of the widgets for the advanced StemeXe application.


Our Approach: 

  • stakeholder interviews;
  • usability testing;
  • cross-platform;
  • design QA of a live solution.


  • Client engagement
  • Competitor research
  • Access to end-users
  • A design system that we previously created for whole Exceed suite products


  • A lot of restrictions from other systems
  • Aim to create a fully flexible and customizable application

Step 1

Discovery Phase

At the discovery phase, we studied the organizational structure of Exceeders, as well as the dependencies of this application compared to the others within the company portfolio suite.

The company uses the well-known OKR framework in a slightly modified form. This has an impact on the reporting process and the approval of assignments. The Existing system served as a source of data for another company’s product, which was used to calculate employees’ effectiveness in relation to the department and company strategy.


Step 2


We started ideation from paper sketches and quickly moved to wireframes that we presented to the client. After the approval of our core structures, we created the whole flow ready to be validated by our target audience.

UX/UI Design for task management system: Wireframing

Step 3

User Testing

At this stage, we conducted remote moderated user testing with 5 real users (according to Norman Nielsen groups, this number of users detects 80% of all problems that occur in the system). This approach allowed us to catch design flaws in the early stages when changes have the lowest cost. After proper analysis, we sorted out all identified design problems according to their frequencies and importance within the system. This method allowed us to focus on tasks with the highest priority.

User Testing Pass Rate – 78%.

UX/UI Design for task management system: User Testing

Step 4

UI Concept

Cieden has already developed a design system for the Exceed application suite when designing the Exceeders app. Therefore, elements such as icons, fonts, and all sorts of fields were reused. Considering the mentioned limitations, we have created the following visual style of the product.

UX/UI Design for task management system: UI Concept

Step 5

Module Customization for Different Systems

Subsequently, the MIM system was built into the StemeXe application. For this reason, it was necessary to apply a different style.

UX/UI Design for task management system

Step 6

Web Design

We started from the mobile-first approach and later on designed the web version of the app.

UX/UI Design for task management system: Web Design
UX/UI Design for task management system: Web Design
UX/UI Design for task management system: Web Design

Step 7

Dev Support

The approval of the design is only the halfway point to a successful result. Cieden maintains constant communication with programmers to give a clear picture of how the design should work. Additionally, we conducted several design Q&A sessions to indicate potential issues that could arise during the implementation phase.




I’ve worked with Cieden to develop the mobile and web screens for our task management system and was very satisfied with the outcome. The service was delivered in a professional manner with a commitment to deadlines, a close eye on details, and a focus on our expectations. I was very impressed with their professionalism and how quickly they understood our ideas and responded to our feedback.

All the way through, I’ve been provided with multiple options which gave us the opportunity to work collaboratively and generate new ideas not considered before. I would definitely recommend working with them.


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