Merging three video conference platforms into one.

Merging three video conference platforms into one Cieden
Merging three video conference platforms into one Cieden


  • incorporate three tools with different functionality into one full-scale platform that will preserve core features and facilitate all internal workflows;
  • optimally design extensive functionality without visually cluttering and overcharging users;
  • fit into tight timeframes and deliver exceptional results within one month of collaboration;
  • adapt to workflow instability and amend requirements with the maximum flexibility and deliver the tool which corresponds to provided requirements;
  • taking into consideration multiple roles envisaged for this tool as well as extensive functionality; 
  • create a simple yet meaningful signup/login process for the multitude of actors and their roles in virtual experiences. 


  • on top of insights provided by the client, have done additional research for a deeper product understanding and created powerful information architecture based on the data and requirements collected; 
  • met all time and budget requirements which were integral for the client;
  • developed a prototype to reduce the time and money needed during the process;
  • optimized user flows and improved UX/UI of existing tools used by employees;
  • envisaged quick and easy onboarding and convenient usage of the tool;
  • enhanced the product’s branding to make it recognizable and convey the company’s identity; 
  • came up with an efficient design for a registration form builder to enable connecting to different devices and processing all questions from the admin role.
Merging three video conference platforms into one Cieden
Our approach .

We understand that in the business world time is the most precious asset. Therefore, we are always ready to assist our clients even in the most tight deadlines. Our team has enough resources to quickly onboard and assign specialists with the most relevant expertise and skills to start working on the project as soon as possible and deliver excellent results. 

Main focus of our UX/UI design 

Taking into account the competitive landscape as well as outcomes of our internal user needs research, we were concentrating on the three following objectives:

  • designing extensive functionality not to visually clutter and overcharge users;

  • making the overall design easily recognizable inside the company and conveying the company’s identity;
  • working through different flows for the multitude of actors and their roles in virtual experiences to successfully customize the design according to the user's request.
Merging three video conference platforms into one Cieden

Participant view

Participants have a whole range of features for effective engagement with the virtual process, especially when it comes to educational/training events. This includes an intuitive user interface for watching and listening, taking notes, answering multiple-choice questions, and chatting with other participants in the most straightforward manner.

Our team solved the challenge of creating a simple yet meaningful signup/login process for the multitude of actors and their roles in virtual experiences. It was paramount for the system to unmistakably identify the user type at the input while not overburdening the user experience at this stage.

Our specialists have found a way out by incorporating a calendar and a direct invitation algorithm which comprises an exact date, time, and time zone of a particular event that a user might intend to join.

Merging three video conference platforms into one Cieden

Host view 

The role of a host has primary significance in virtual conferencing and learning events as they are directly responsible for organizing and conducting a particular meeting. Our specialists tried to make the host’s planning process as smooth and seamless as possible. These convenient and elaborately designed features enable launching an event using a template or starting from scratch, switching between screens and sharing it with participants, uploading templates with users, and survey questions while having a space to leave notes during the meetings. 

Merging three video conference platforms into one Cieden

Report customization

The client had a need to easily store and export the results of surveys. The team channeled efforts into enabling different report options while making them highly customizable to analyze this data further. We have worked thoroughly on making it possible and coming up with solutions to allow the analytic tool to process those reports. 

Merging three video conference platforms into one Cieden

Documentation and dev support

First of all, we created a clickable prototype of the full product to showcase interactions to developers and streamline the further development process. Also, our team performed a detailed product front-end audit to make sure everything works seamlessly. We conducted a thorough QA and pointed out some issues to developers so they can improve the solution and deliver a functional and impeccable tool for their internal employees. 

In addition, our specialists developed a comprehensive design system for the client in order to streamline the implementation of all of their future ideas and envisioned projects. We took into consideration the client’s visual identity and made this design system consistent and easily recognizable.

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