Startup studio.

All we need from you is your vision to start working. Along the way, we will help you validate your idea, build an MVP, and iterate towards reaching product-market fit. After all, having Cieden on your team means you can count on leading professionals who work together in a multidisciplinary approach.

Invest in your success.

Startup studio

We do big work with a boutique style. 

While Cieden partners with companies of all stages to create and launch new products, it recognizes that startups are often the lifeblood of society’s most innovative advancements. To this end, Cieden has created its Startup Studio in an effort to provide accessible pricing and enhanced services for promising companies at the pre-seed stage. 

We also realize that starting a business is a difficult process,  and we know that there are many details that an entrepreneur might need help with. In order to provide better support for startups than what’s commonly available out there, we have created a structure with the aim of helping to build companies. We provide services that help a startup’s chance of success, optimizing its creation and growth. In a nutshell, we work with founders to help make their ideas a reality. 

Imagine our relationship as that between co-founders, but minus the equity share. With our help startups will be able to: 

  • Launch their idea with a team of experts in their fields (marketing, design, code, business analysis, etc.) working together;
  • Retain complete ownership of their IP and equity;
  • Confidently approach investors and secure additional funding for further growth;
  • Build faster, build better, and build bigger.

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