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Advanced functionality and flows, that users describe as clear and intuitive later during the interviews. The value and results we deliver are all over our case studies for you to explore further.


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Top 9 reasons to work with us


9. We do big work with a boutique style.

Dedication to your


Cieden isn't just another external vendor; we integrate into your team, absorb your culture, get to the heart of your product, and connect with your customers. [ ... ]

No need for


Expect proactive senior-level specialists ready to take charge of your design strategy, requiring minimal time for onboarding and further supervision. [ ... ]

Documentation &

development support

You don’t just receive a design file. Our process is aligned with your needs and may include documentation, functional requirements, and support. [ ... ]

AI-driven design


We ideate a new generation of AI features to address users' challenges and streamline workflows in a revolutionary way, setting your product apart. [ ... ]

i`m ready to start

Start with no risk

We will discuss your idea with you and see if we suit each other. In general, we will sign an NDA and ask you lots of questions about your vision, plan, and goals. Then, we will share our idea often in prototypes if we see it is required for better communication. Sometimes, we may spend up to 40 or more hours for the initial idea conceptualization. If you like it, you may pay for our efforts. If in a rare condition we couldn’t see your vision you may pay whatever price you want or pay nothing based on the value you see. After six months or after you will release your software to market we may publish our case study. We will respect your request not to publish a case study at all.

Set KPIs and launch

No matter where your target audience is located, we will help you to gather market feedback on prototypes and the first product release. We may organize our own usability testing sessions or use 3rd party services such as usertesting.com. We will guide you through analytics software that is optimal for you such as Mixpanel or Google Analytics, as well as help you with data analysis.


In reality, we have to change even faster than the market does. There is no way to build a successful product and stop. Continuous updates and improvements are fundamental to the application’s long-term success. So, after the initial product launch, we may analyze your UX KPIs and propose how they could be improved even further.

Identify your needs

You may decide to choose onу of two cooperation strategies.

I. Trusted Approach: Time and material

This approach is one of the most popular for agile development. In most cases, parties do not know the real scope of the project and have no time to prepare it for the development. It’s the safest approach for vendors as customer partner pays for hours spent on the project. There are no conflicts on scope growth. More tasks equal to more money. But this puts all risk on the customer. Immature vendors may lower estimates at the beginning just to get the job and then spend more billable hours. We mitigate this risk by setting milestones and re-estimation of the project as it goes forward. If you are unhappy with our speed and the results of the estimated cost, you may always react faster.

II. Experimental Approach: Partnership

Time and Material approach is one of the best for agile development, but it is naturally motivating vendors to log as many hours as possible. In most cases, experienced teams will be motivated by work they do and social capital, but it’s always better to have financial motivation as well. We believe that partners core interest is the success and prosperity of both parties and no one will succeed if the other company has financial troubles or lose trust because of project risks.

We understand your need to be within budget boundaries so we will provide you with a fixed estimate of your project scope. It will be similar to ballpark estimation for basic approach +10% for our risk if not fully understanding scope and risks.

We will do our best to bring it as close to reality as possible. In this case, we all are financially motivated to finish the project as fast as possible. If it happens that the project takes longer to finish, we will start billing you only 50% of original rate. It motivates us to complete the project fast, but still, it’s not putting us at the risk of getting out of business. ~At the beginning of our career, we had an unfortunate experience with a fixed-price project. First estimated by a customer to take three weeks, it spanned for to 4 months of almost full-time designer work.

We have just started and have been afraid to get poor feedback. The scope was modified many times, prior approved milestones were changed many times. It was really hard to love this partner. Our partner was sinking in financial troubles and tried to use us as his remedy making us sinking too. In rare unfortunate cases, when any of the parties decide we do not fit each other, we tell it and build a divorce plan. We will do our best to find you another vendor and transfer all the assets and knowledge to them. It will be free. We do not work on projects without mutual trust.


8. And we do more than cute

Our services are custom designed to provide real business value and are delivered in a way that fits your workflow. Did we hear you breathe a sigh of relief?
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And we do more than cute

clients .

7. Cieden is trusted among industry leaders


6.We are constantly named among the best UX agencies

It’s not for nothing that our agency is positioned among the best product design providers. What is our secret? We developed a custom competency matrix and a multi-step evaluation process that allows us to hire domain-based experts and shape winning teams.

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<span class="orange">6.</span>We are constantly named among the best UX agencies


5. Our track record is a delight

And it’s all over Clutch, Dribbble, and Behance for you to explore further!
UX/UI Design for digital asset management system



File management is challenging for most companies, but it can be a downright headache for multimedia-heavy organizations like Blizzard. That’s why the gaming industry behemoth set out on a task to smooth out the current media management system with the help of brand new UI and UX. In partnership with Simran Butalia of BeBop Technology and Innovate Dynamix, Cieden improved the user experience to more closely align with the live streaming needs of Blizzard's famous events and conferences. Final touches centered on cleaner graphic elements that aligned perfectly with the iconic brand. Let us know what you think of the final result!

UX/UI Design for a task tracking tool for restaurants

food industry

Task Tracking Tool for Restaurants

Qualizy is a startup created by a well-known French chef and advocate for food security and HACCP compliance. Customers mainly used the product to track tasks in kitchens and keep documentation organized. The problem was, Qualizy wasn’t being used to its full capacity – most features were not utilized or used effectively. The client approached us to help improve the UX of the product, along with creating new capabilities.

Real Estate Wizard Wireframes

real estate

Real Estate Wizard Wireframes

The solution was in the real estate domain, for brokerage and real estate agencies all over the world. It contained three cornerstone blocks of the system: management of property listings, management of leads and clients, and website builder for quick and easy creation of personalized webpages. It was part of a larger product environment, which shared the same data sources. A solution of this kind is unique, though there are indirect competitors that cover certain features.

UX/UI Design for a Desktop Lie Detector Software


Desktop Lie Detector Software

Cieden provided the client with product consulting services, redesigning and uniting separate desktop applications into a single solution. As a result, the complex interface received more intuitive navigation, and a couple of new features including analytics and incorporating wearables support, and expanded screening capabilities. This allowed the company to provide an all-in-one tool for conducting a screening of people on-site or analyzing video recordings.

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4.We’re pretty confident about the impact of our UX solutions

Our approach is simple yet powerful. Starting with in-depth user research, we craft design strategies that bolster key metrics like engagement and retention, setting the stage for financial success. We refine continuously to perfect the MVP, ensuring a market fit that scales. 

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<span class="orange">4.</span>We&rsquo;re pretty confident about the impact of our UX solutions


3. And we’re with you





Our capabilities span the full spectrum of business needs, from simple ideas at the validation stage all the way to established enterprises looking to improve and expand. We’re flexible, and we’ve got your back.
Scale Product Market Fit Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Vision & Mission growth startup pre-startup growth growth startup pre-startup growth
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2.What truly sets us apart?
AI UX design expertise

We are at the forefront of AI UX design, constantly experimenting with a wide array of UX patterns, applications, and possibilities. Our aim? To ensure your product stands out by offering an unparalleled, future-ready user experience. 

Check out some of our latest experiments below.

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<span class="orange">2.</span>What truly sets us apart?<br />AI UX design expertise