These 6 AI features will revolutionize meeting management products

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Yuriy Mykhasyak
Yuriy Mykhasyak
12 Sep 2023
These 6 AI features will revolutionize meeting management products | Cieden Cieden
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Hey there! It's no secret that from fresh startups to big names like Google, Microsoft, and Zoom, everyone's diving into AI. And if you are here, you are probably thinking about infusing AI into your product, or just curious about what the future holds for you.

If so, you're in the right place. In our recent video, we shared Cieden’s vision of AI features that will soon set the new standard for online meeting products. It might actually spark some ideas for you in upgrading the products within other industries.

Oh, by the way, I'm Yuriy Mykhasyak. I head up Cieden as its CEO and co-founder. Our design team and I, with lots of coffee and enthusiasm for AI, came up with these patterns. If reading's not your jam, we've got a video version over on our YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe if you're interested in more insights on how AI is influencing various aspects, from tables to emails.

These 6 AI features will revolutionize meeting management products | Cieden Cieden

Meanwhile, I will share some of the patterns here supported by animations so it’s easier for you to grasp the idea. So, let’s get started! 

It’s no surprise, as online meetings and remote collaboration became our new reality a while ago and companies are seeking new ways to expand the range of features and streamline the workflows using the potential of AI. Most likely, you and your team sell an online meeting tool and are searching to get the most out of it as well.  

It’s worth mentioning that the global video conferencing market share is anticipated to reach $95 billion by 2032. It means that online meeting products are going to evolve at a breathtaking pace implementing the best of AI potential and delivering more natural, flexible, and relevant meeting experiences to users. 

So, what can exactly we expect from video conferencing and online meeting software in the future? 

Game-changing AI patterns for online meeting products

1. Removing speech disfluencies and filtering words

In the business world presentation is everything. Multiple research shows that speakers who avoid filler words sound more professional and persuasive. Don’t let “um,” “ah,” or “you know” diminish the credibility of your users and distract from the main message they try to convey. 

In the near future, we expect that online meeting tools will actively integrate the assistance of AI to enable the easy removal of speech disfluencies or filler words during the meeting in one click, allowing speeches to flow smoothly and naturally with no need to worry about the presentation. 

And hey, if you have an online meeting product and you plan to grow, I highly recommend you to think about ways you can apply this AI feature.  

2. Background noise detection and filters

The same goes for the background noise. It can kill all the positive impressions people try to create. The undesired buzz can hinder conversations and create an ambiguous image. 

With advanced AI technology, all unwanted background sounds will be seamlessly detected and filtered out from video, live calls, or online meetings, ensuring clear communication and a distraction-free environment leaving your users with a squeaky-clean sound quality. 

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? I bet you don’t want to miss this idea, so save it and brainstorm with your team about how this feature can enhance your online conference app. 

3. Explanation of the word or concept 

Some professionals might not notice that but in the work environment, they use plenty of specific jargon pertinent to their industry. And the meaning of which (what a surprise!) their customers might not be aware of. 

And that’s where your online meeting software can come to the rescue if you smartly and timely implement this AI capability. But hurry up before your competitors become one step ahead of you. 

AI can quickly flick through and analyze transcripts while explaining complex terminology and industry jargon to clients or new employees. They could merely click on, or highlight the most perplexing terms to get clear explanations put in simple digestible words to enable better understanding and smoother communication with colleagues and partners. 

4. Bid farewell to manual note-taking

How many online meetings do people have per day? One? Two? Or even more? How do they remember everything they discussed? Note-taking can be tedious, and important points of online meetings or work calls might slip through the cracks. 

Well, if you start acting fast without overthinking if it’s worth it, you can offer juicy features that most business owners and employees are craving.  

The powerful AI could possibly generate comprehensive notes and action points automatically, keeping them organized and informed while streamlining the post-call workflows.  

No more sifting through lengthy, unstructured notes. By leveraging natural language processing, AI can effortlessly parse unstructured meeting notes, extracting essential action items and transforming them into manageable tasks and subtasks. This simplifies the process of accessing core information and allows attendees to focus on the discussion rather than jotting down notes.

5. Taking most of the data

Artificial Intelligence can also skyrocket the user database interaction by introducing the convenience of natural language queries. 

As a person who knows a lot about AI, I give you the guarantee that this feature is something you need to put extra focus on if you want to stand out among competitors and offer unique online meeting features. 

This innovation eliminates the necessity of complex SQL coding, thus democratizing data exploration. Now, even non-technical individuals can extract meaningful insights from their datasets using straightforward, simple language. 

AI-meeting apps provide increasingly sophisticated analytics to generate valuable insights from meeting data. These insights include sentiment analysis, attendee engagement, and productivity metrics so your users can optimize meeting effectiveness.

6. Scheduling work meeting

Usually, online meetings generate even more online meetings. How could AI help you expand your online meeting functionality here? 

You can revolutionize the industry of video conferencing by leveraging the power of AI for scheduling work meetings and calls by intelligently analyzing attendees' individual calendars, identifying shared availability, and seamlessly setting up the perfect date and time for all the participants. 

Just imagine the time your users will save, focusing on what truly matters! And imagine how many new clients this feature will attract. 

To wrap up 

This was only a tiny glimpse of ways AI is projected to change the way people have online calls and meetings. In fact, technologies can bring business owners a range of benefits such as saving time and money, improving workflows, boosting the quality of communication between employees and clients, and resulting in higher satisfaction. Keep up with the trends and be the first one to implement and offer some of the outstanding features that will certainly shake up the online meeting world. 

If you want to see our simulation of these excellent features - you absolutely should watch our video on YouTube! Smash the subscribe button, give us a thumbs up, and stay tuned for more ideas on how AI will transform the business world.  

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These 6 AI features will revolutionize meeting management products | Cieden Cieden
These 6 AI features will revolutionize meeting management products | Cieden Cieden

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