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We go above and beyond to understand your users and design digital products that meet their needs and tastes.

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A digital product that provides seamless user experiences across all devices reigns supreme in the modern market. It’s aesthetically pleasing software that solves complex problems in optimal and intuitive ways. We offer our UI/UX, product, marketing, and business analysis expertise to help you create such a product.

Our Digital Product Design Services

UX Design

Developing an optimal user experience for your digital product

UI Design

Crafting an appealing interface for the developed UX


Creating clickable product prototypes with complete navigation


Designing a recognizable visual style of your digital product

Design Systems

Creating comprehensive and consistent Design Language, Style, and Documentation for digital products


Researching market, users, and competitors, validating hypothesis

Additional services

Marketing Strategy, Video Production, SMM, PPC, etc.

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Digital Product Design Process: Stages


Our product design process starts with discussing your vision, goals, and strategy. We want to be on the same page.
Digital Product Design Process: Strategy Phase


Research is the core of successful product design, so we implement analytics, content audit, and market and user research to gather needed data.
Digital Product Design Process: Discovery Phase


To transform data into useful design resources, we create personas, use cases, and storyboards based on the discovery phase results.
Digital Product Design Process: Data Analysis


It’s time to design the UI/UX of your digital product relying on the results of the previous stages. At the end of this stage, we develop a fully clickable prototype. Then, we test it with end-users and polish any roughnesses the testing uncovered.
Digital Product Design Process: Design Phase


During the beta launch of the digital product, we check whether everything works properly. In case of any issues, we make updates to the design before the final launch.
Digital Product Design Process: Production Phase

Design Support

If needed, we continue supporting the design of your digital product by monitoring metrics, addressing arising issues, and keeping UI/UX up to date. We can also offer our marketing and BA expertise to help you further grow your business.
Digital Product Design Process: Design Support

Explore Our Digital Product Design Portfolio

Product design for a digital asset management system


A CMS for Blizzard

File management is challenging for most companies, but it can be a downright headache for multimedia-heavy organizations like Blizzard. That’s why the gaming industry behemoth set out on a task to smooth out the current media management system with the help of brand new UI and UX. In partnership with Simran Butalia of BeBop Technology and Innovate Dynamix, Cieden improved the user experience to more closely align with the live streaming needs of Blizzard's famous events and conferences. Final touches centered on cleaner graphic elements that aligned perfectly with the iconic brand. Let us know what you think of the final result!

Real Estate Wizard Wireframes

real estate

Real Estate Wizard Wireframes

The solution was in the real estate domain, for brokerage and real estate agencies all over the world. It contained three cornerstone blocks of the system: management of property listings, management of leads and clients, and website builder for quick and easy creation of personalized webpages. It was part of a larger product environment, which shared the same data sources. A solution of this kind is unique, though there are indirect competitors that cover certain features.

Product design of Exceeders Marketplace


Exceeders Marketplace

Exceeders is an IT Solutions Marketplace that connects businesses with hundreds of innovative IT providers for cost-effective digital transformation. Great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. We are not limiting ourselves only to design itself – iterative approach, validation of our solutions with the actual user, and verifying implemented design towards mockups make it possible to ensure the best results.

Redesign of interactive training tool


Interactive Training Tool

Following the Human-Centered Design process, starting from the user research phase, going through quick low fidelity prototyping and validating our design with actual users as a result, we’ve designed an All-in-One tool that user's meets needs and soothes user's pains of instructional designers, who work daily on creating learning materials and documentation.

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Why Сhoose Cieden Digital Product Design Agency?

  • We don’t design for the sake of design; we know how to make design serve business goals
  • Our processes are optimal and simple, which saves you time and money
  • Experienced designers and business analysis pros lead our projects
  • We validate our hypotheses, strive for product-market fit, and prioritize the speed of use
  • We combine business analysis, marketing, and design expertise
  • Our track record is a delight
  • We are closely involved in all stages of development from idea validation to the final result
  • We have an effective recruiting and testing process that allows us to hire the best talents

Digital Product Design: Why it Matters 

In the time long past, a digital product could succeed if it addressed a relevant user need. The market was relatively free, and given enough software development prowess, a project could do just fine with a basic interface and a clunky, but somewhat coherent, user experience. 

Today, digital businesses entered the stage of design and branding wars. No longer can you ignore this other side of the product development equation and expect growth. Users want smooth, beautiful, and engaging digital products. And rightfully so: why settle for less if you can have the best the market has to offer? 

As a result, any additional click feels like a click too much, any moment of user frustration can lead to lost customers, new products with obsolete visuals feel outdated. 

Digital product design studios help ensure that your project doesn’t have said problems and keep up with the time.  

At Cieden to design digital products that suit the zeitgeist, we adhere to the following principles:

Human-centered design 

A user is an alpha and omega of the design process. We design digital products that address the user's needs and make sure they know how to use the product right away and feel smart while doing it. 

Data-based ideation

Every important digital product design decision should be based on relevant data. Therefore, we conduct user and market research to ensure that the future design serves users and your investment isn’t wasted on unnecessary features. 

Digital product design working process

Iterative approach 

It’s impossible to create a market-ready product in a single iteration. We design a concept, test it with end-users, then address the design’s weakness and repeat the process until the final digital product version is of the required quality. 


Digital product design should be accessible to as many people as possible. So we make sure that all the proper contrasts, accents, usability features, and speed of use aren’t sacrificed for looks. 

Cross-platform applicability

The best digital product designs work equally well on PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. So, we design user experiences and interfaces that provide a top-notch service regardless of the users’ preferred platform. 

Digital product design working process