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AI is essential for creating software that offers a simple, personalized user experience. Products with AI features don't just stand out. They provide true value by automating tasks, reducing human errors, and delivering detailed analytics for smarter, more informed decisions.

Our mission is to turn complex AI technologies into practical, user-friendly solutions that streamline tasks and make interactions more engaging.

With 5 years of experience as an AI design studio, we also use custom AI solutions for our internal processes and experiment with new AI concepts and patterns.

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Your AI Design Agency Cieden

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Your AI Design Agency Cieden
Your AI Design Agency Cieden
Your AI Design Agency Cieden
Your AI Design Agency Cieden

Conversational AI

Our AI product designers create advanced chatbots and voice assistants, using multiple inputs like voice, text, touch, and gestures. We focus on conversational ecosystems that not only mimic human interactions but are context-aware, making user experience feel natural and more engaging.

Your AI Design Agency Cieden

AI-infused UI

We design intelligent ML, LLM, and NLP systems that understand user intent and adapt to their needs in real time. Our AI features simplify complex tasks across CRM dashboards, apps, and chatbots, allowing for more intuitive and personalized interactions.

Your AI Design Agency Cieden

Sentiment & contextual analysis

Our AI systems use sentiment analysis to recognize and interpret user emotions, making it easier for businesses to personalize customer support, eСommerce suggestions, and adaptive content.

Your AI Design Agency Cieden

Generative AI

We use platforms like Midjourney and Reface to combine user intent with AI creativity, creating personalized visuals that keep interactions more meaningful and enjoyable for them.

Your AI Design Agency Cieden

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For 5 years, we've been designing and building AI products and services to solve real business challenges and deliver measurable results. Explore our success stories in action.
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