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Why us?
Our specialty is business web applications. Through this niche, we offer an understanding that's enriched by our passion for AI's latest advancements.

Our AI UX/UI design services

Conversational AI

Designing sophisticated smart chatbots and voice assistants that can boost convenience, efficiency, personalization, and engagement of your product.

AI-infused UI

Implementing the most efficient AI patterns to enable interface personalization and customization through AI-based predictions.

Sentiment & contextual analysis

Creating a product design with context-based sentiment analysis that comprehends the emotional cues of users to deliver more human-centered services.

Our design cases for AI-powered platforms

For the last 6 years, we have been working in product design focusing on B2B SaaS and enterprise software. We helped numerous established companies to achieve their business objectives and transform their products.
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Download our guide and harness AI’s power in  product design

Our comprehensive AI guide is full of market analytics, analysis of innovative AI technologies, AI-powered product concepts, and ideas to enhance existing products with AI features. 

Our approach for AI products

Ensuring ethical norms and security
AI's profound capabilities come with a weight of responsibility. Our design patterns emphasize the importance of ethical considerations, ensuring that AI's immense power is harnessed with integrity. Moreover, security is paramount. As AI processes vast amounts of data, we prioritize designs that safeguard user information, ensuring trust and compliance.
AI design services Cieden
Interaction and automation at the core
AI opens the door to previously impossible automation and support mechanisms. Our UX designs aim to make these AI-powered features accessible and intuitive, guiding users through novel functionalities and ensuring they benefit from real-time, AI-driven support.
Future-proofing design
AI, especially models like LMM, is in its nascent stages, with a promise of exponential growth and evolution. Our commitment is to stay ahead of the curve, understanding the current limitations, anticipating future capabilities, and being well-versed with emerging best practices and workarounds. This foresight ensures our designs remain adaptable, relevant, and visionary.
Acknowledging AI's pervasive impact
We firmly believe that AI will revolutionize most, if not all, applications. From backend operations to front-end user interactions, AI's imprint will be unmistakable. By focusing on this, we ensure our designs not only accommodate but also enhance these AI-driven transformations.
AI design services Cieden

What sets us apart?

Customized solutions

With our boutique approach, you're never a number. Based on our extensive experience in UI/UX design and research, we mold our strategies around your distinct requirements, delivering a solution that is as unique as your business vision.
AI design services Cieden

Empowering collaboration

You're at the heart of our process. By integrating directly with your team, we harness collective insights, enabling a collaborative vision where your feedback and goals drive the project.
AI design services Cieden

Efficiency in execution:

Benefit from a swift project initiation and a process that adjusts to your pace and feedback. Our methodologies, honed from numerous successes, facilitate quick startups, ensuring you see tangible progress without undue waiting.
AI design services Cieden

Tailored innovation strategy:

We've observed the trend of tech push in AI innovation. For you, this means leveraging the latest in AI swiftly, by initiating POCs and MVPs. This approach ensures your project benefits from immediate insights, iterative refinements, and a product that stands out in the market.
AI design services Cieden

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What makes you different from other agencies?

At Cieden, our differentiation lies in our specialization. Unlike many digital agencies, our primary focus is on intricate business web applications. This niche expertise ensures that we delve deeper into the unique challenges and potentials of business-centric platforms. Our immense experience is bolstered by an unwavering passion and an up-to-date knowledge of the latest advancements in AI technology.
The importance of this can't be overstated. As AI continues to reshape the digital landscape, its integration into business web applications not only optimizes operational efficiency but also offers unparalleled user experiences, predictive insights, and adaptive functionalities. With our expertise, we position businesses at the forefront of this digital transformation.

What do you mean by "Future-Proofing" design?

Future-proofing refers to designing applications in a way that they remain relevant and functional even as technology evolves. By understanding the current and potential future landscape of AI, we ensure our designs are adaptable to emerging trends and technological advancements.

How do AI-driven designs differ from traditional designs?

AI-driven designs are dynamic, adaptable, and predictive. They evolve based on user behavior, offer real-time assistance, and anticipate user needs, setting them apart from static, traditional designs.

How can businesses benefit from integrating AI into their UX/UI?

By harnessing AI in UX/UI, businesses can offer more personalized user experiences, increase efficiency through automation, and stay ahead in the competitive market by leveraging real-time insights and predictions.

Do users need to have knowledge of AI to use these applications?

Not at all. Our design approach ensures that AI-driven features are intuitive and user-friendly. While the technology behind it is complex, the user experience is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

How will AI change the nature of applications?

AI is set to revolutionize apps by making them more predictive, personalized, and efficient. From backend operations to user interfaces, AI will enhance functionalities, automate repetitive tasks, and create more interactive and intuitive user experiences.