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If you're here, you're probably on the hunt for a design partner to help you make the most of the latest AI technologies. Whether you're looking to enhance your current product or pioneering new concepts, we're your trusted ally on this exciting journey.

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You have finally found a team that's as obsessed with AI as you are

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You have found a team as obsessed with AI as you are

We're well-versed in machine learning, LLM, and NLP, with a deep understanding of their applications, challenges, and potential to ensure your product outperforms the competition by delivering an exceptional, future-ready user experience.

We consistently explore AI feature concepts for a variety of products, experimenting with diverse UX patterns, whether they're established or emerging, to provide practical demonstrations of how AI seamlessly streamlines user tasks.

But it's better shown than said, right? Check out some of our latest experiments below. 

AI Design Agency Cieden

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AI Design Agency Cieden
AI Design Agency Cieden
AI Design Agency Cieden
AI Design Agency Cieden

Conversational AI

Chatbots and voice assistants are not just trends; they're shaping the future of how we interact. Recognizing this transformative shift, our expertise lies in leveraging multimodal technologies, blending various user inputs, be it voice, text, touch, or gestures, with interactive outputs. Our focus is on creating conversational ecosystems that not only mimic human interactions but are context-aware, paving the way for a heightened user experience, enriched personalization, and increased user engagement.

AI Design Agency Cieden

AI-infused UI

Our expertise is rooted in crafting intelligent systems that possess a deep understanding of user intent and proactively respond to their needs. The power of Language Learning Models and agent-oriented programming enabled us to create functionality that seamlessly adapts to your users' context, empowering them to perform complex tasks effortlessly. Whether it involves streamlining intricate CRM dashboards, simplifying app interactions, or enabling AI chatbots and co-pilots to generate comprehensive outputs with minimal user input, our designs are dedicated to delivering intuitive, user-centric interactions.

AI Design Agency Cieden

Sentiment & contextual analysis

Leveraging the transformative power of AI and Language Learning Models, we align with our clients to conceive, design, and integrate features bolstered by sentiment and contextual analysis. For example, a customer support platform that instantaneously grasps and addresses user sentiments, an e-commerce system tailoring suggestions based on nuanced emotions and context, or a content-driven app dynamically adjusting its delivery to align with the user's current emotional state. Our ambition transcends mere design; we aim to sculpt experiences that genuinely understand, evolve, and elevate every user interaction.

AI Design Agency Cieden

Generative AI

The evolution of AI introduces the magic of generative design, where AI becomes both a tool and artist. Specializing in platforms like Midjourney and Reface, we craft interfaces that seamlessly merge user intent with AI's creative prowess. Our designs transcend traditional boundaries, allowing users to produce tailored visuals with AI-enhanced precision. By balancing user input with dynamic AI outputs, we ensure captivating and contextually apt visuals. In this emergent space, we don't just follow trends; we set them, championing designs that deeply resonate and empower users in the age of generative AI.

AI Design Agency Cieden

Our approach is driven by your needs, no doubt 🤝

Building new product from scratch?

Translating your ideas into functional solutions requires a precise roadmap. Through our iterative design process, we ensure that all distractions are left behind, focusing on what truly matters: rapidly validating your product's market fit and crafting a compelling pitch that makes you shine among the investors. We accelerate your progress with a clickable prototype, informed by in-depth user research. Furthermore, we accompany you every step of the way, offering strategic insights and original features that make your product stand out.
AI Design Agency Cieden

Integrating AI features into existing product?

Embedding AI into your already functioning software or SaaS product isn’t just about tacking on a feature. It’s about understanding the complexities of your existing ecosystem and ensuring that the AI components work in harmony. Our process involves thorough user testing, fine-tuning based on feedback, and a strong emphasis on minimizing disruptions.The result? Your product evolves with enhanced AI capabilities while maintaining and improving the user experience your customers appreciate. Moreover, we can introduce our own innovative concepts to elevate your software, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advancements.
AI Design Agency Cieden

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Our 7-year journey is dotted with high-impact collaborations, showcasing our prowess in AI-infused business applications.
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How can we cooperate?

You can hire a full-time designer or a tailored dedicated team working exclusively on your project.

On a hourly basis

Pay only for the actual hours of work dedicated to your project, ensuring that you get value for every minute spent. This model offers transparency, as you can track progress and adjust priorities as needed. Suits best if: you need a quick start, flexibility, and a fair final price in the end.

On a fixed-price basis

Choose our fixed-price contracts for clear budgeting. This model means no unexpected changes in costs, even if the work varies. It's straightforward: one project, one price. Suits best if: you have a long-term and predictable workload.

On a BOT basis

Our team will handle all project-related design processes and transfer ownership. All terms, conditions and the project price will be agreed upon before the collaboration starts. Suits best if: you need to quickly create a new product outside of your existing scope of competencies.


What makes you different from other agencies?

At Cieden, our differentiation lies in our specialization. Unlike many digital agencies, our primary focus is on intricate business web applications. This niche expertise ensures that we delve deeper into the unique challenges and potentials of business-centric platforms. Our immense experience is bolstered by an unwavering passion and an up-to-date knowledge of the latest advancements in AI technology.
The importance of this can't be overstated. As AI continues to reshape the digital landscape, its integration into business web applications not only optimizes operational efficiency but also offers unparalleled user experiences, predictive insights, and adaptive functionalities. With our expertise, we position businesses at the forefront of this digital transformation.

What do you mean by "Future-Proofing" design?

Future-proofing refers to designing applications in a way that they remain relevant and functional even as technology evolves. By understanding the current and potential future landscape of AI, we ensure our designs are adaptable to emerging trends and technological advancements.

How do AI-driven designs differ from traditional designs?

AI-driven designs are dynamic, adaptable, and predictive. They evolve based on user behavior, offer real-time assistance, and anticipate user needs, setting them apart from static, traditional designs.

How can businesses benefit from integrating AI into their UX/UI?

By harnessing AI in UX/UI, businesses can offer more personalized user experiences, increase efficiency through automation, and stay ahead in the competitive market by leveraging real-time insights and predictions.

Do users need to have knowledge of AI to use these applications?

Not at all. Our design approach ensures that AI-driven features are intuitive and user-friendly. While the technology behind it is complex, the user experience is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

How will AI change the nature of applications?

AI is set to revolutionize apps by making them more predictive, personalized, and efficient. From backend operations to user interfaces, AI will enhance functionalities, automate repetitive tasks, and create more interactive and intuitive user experiences.