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Our team will help you build your business and product rationally, cost-effectively, and in a way that actually addresses your customer needs. We believe that this is the key to success. Both yours and ours.

We define what should be built. Why and when.

Business Analysis

We make the product development process easier

Whatever it is, you probably know that good ideas alone won’t ensure success. It’s all about the execution. Building your business and product rationally, cost-efficiently, and in a way that actually addresses your customers’ needs are the true key to success.

Rather than bogging you down with our methodologies and how we apply 7 Product Dimensions to structuring and documenting your project so it moves forward better, let’s focus on how we make business analysis work for you.

Discover and Research

This is how we start. Welcome to our company’s whiteboard.

Discover and Research Phase

Proper discovery is a key to understanding WHY you want to launch a solution and WHAT actually you want to build. That’s why we start with purposeful research accompanied by strong collaboration, and a laser focus on three tiers of every solution: user needs, business objectives, and technical feasibility. 

We apply various requirements elicitation techniques such as interviews, workshops, brainstorming sessions, document analysis, competitor and user research, process mapping, and more in order to map user needs on your business objectives and think of ways how leveraging technology capabilities can drive your company’s growth. 


Analyzing Data

Then we move on to pulling all received data, analyzing and structuring it in order to frame what should be launched and bring a shared understanding of delivered value, priorities, and opportunities. 


Documenting all dimensions of a product

Yes, we know that documents are boring and no one likes to read 100-page specs. But documenting all dimensions of a product ensures that you won’t miss anything. We deliver the right amount of detail and clarity in the structured and laconic form to allow teams to collaborate on execution. We adapt to the team’s capacity and SDLC approach using complex solutions as Confluence and Jira or straightforward ones like Trello and Google docs.  

Manage Scope and Requirements 

Manage Scope and Requirements

There are changes in scope. Always. This gives flexibility but might cause severe consequences if not managed properly whether you’re improving an existing feature, taking away, or adding a new one, you need to assess how it influences your solution as a whole. 

Communication and support

Communication and support

Ensuring effective communication and collaboration among the remote and distributed teams is the priority so that the product team has a shared understanding of what the current objectives are. 


Learn-design-iterate loop.

Now it’s time to measure and iterate. We gradually and iteratively build the product within a learn-design-iterate loop. Getting continuous feedback from users and tracking solution analytics helps us on our quest for perfection. 

For those with technical chops, here’s a fine print about what we do and deliver.

What we do 

  • Gathering and tracking solution requirements from multiple stakeholders and documenting them
  • Mapping solution features on the business problems and user needs
  • Facilitating ideation workshops
  • Facilitating team communication
  • Assisting with technical feasibility validation
  • Prioritizing features and conducting functional decomposition
  • Facilitating effective and iterative change
  • Educating your team on best practices in business analysis

What we deliver 

  • Software Requirements Specification (up-to-date solution requirements to support estimation/development)
  • Solution vision
  • Value Proposition Map
  • MVP scope, defined features, and prioritized backlog
  • Solution implementation roadmap
  • SWOT, Benchmarking
  • Service blueprints
  • Option comparison report

We get it. This stuff can be pretty confusing 

 If you’re still not sure how we can help, take a look at some common roadblocks below. If you can relate to any of them, reach out.  We’ve got you covered. 

  • You have a product idea but still, need clear requirements of what should be designed or developed;
  • You want to obtain an estimate from design or development based on your business ideas;
  • You are not sure if your product meets user needs and solves your business problem;
  • Your designers frequently have to re-design flows or explain themselves to the developers;
  • Your development team has issues releasing features on time;
  • Your new features just don’t work as intended or fail to drive engagement;
  • You seem to release minor features when priority needs keep getting pushed back;
  • Your team struggles to align on what the most important next steps are;
  • Your team spends too much time in meetings clarifying the next steps;
  • You literally don’t know if your product is doing better than it was a year ago;
  • You have trouble tying your software’s user engagement to your company’s bottom line;
  • You have trouble making the decision on investments whether you need to implement a change/create a new product or not.

Hear us out

Working with the Cieden BA team we have developed a wide variety of new business processes and practices for the internal operations of the design team itself. This, in addition to always delivering the highest quality in outcome in each of the tactical projects we complete, has helped us to deliver year on year true transformation in both capabilities and outcomes.

I would highly recommend entrusting team Cieden with your business challenges and stepping back with confidence to know that they always exceed the bar.

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