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With close involvement on all stages, we will design UI/UX for your startup from scratch or improve an existing product.

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Startups choose Cieden because we combine UI/UX, research and marketing expertise to design highly competitive products. To quote our customers, we take it upon ourselves to understand users and create the ultimate experience serving your business goals. 

Our UI/UX for Startups Services

UX Design

Developing optimal way of user interaction

UI Design

Designing the look and feel of the product


Creating clickable product prototypes with complete navigation


Designing recognizable visual style of the product

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UI/UX Design Process for Startups: Stages


We communicate with stakeholders, discuss your project vision, business goals, and brand strategy. We establish quantitative and qualitative KPIs to measure the success of the future design. This information is used to determine project priorities and plan design development.
UI/UX Design Process for Startups: Strategy Phase


We conduct competitor analysis, analytics research, content audit, and user interviews to gather relevant information on market and user needs.
UI/UX Design Process for Startups: Discovery Phase


We analyze the data we gathered during the discovery phase, create personas, construct use cases and storyboards to build a solid foundation for the future design process.
UI/UX Design Process for Startups: Data Analysis


We design the UI/UX of your app, complex business system, website, or any software you need. We start with a mood board and site map to crystalize the logic of UX. Then, we get to sketching and wireframing. We develop a prototype and test it with end-users to find areas of improvement. We run as many processes in parallel as possible to minimize the time investment and save you costs. If required, we improve the design concept and test them again to ensure users’ needs are met.
UI/UX Design Process for Startups: Design Phase


Together, we perform a beta launch of the product, closely observing whether any updates to the design are required before the final launch.
UI/UX Design Process for Startups: Production Phase

Design Support

If required, we maintain our partnership and provide your dev team with UI/UX support and updates, keeping tabs on relevant analytics. During the entirety of the UI/UX design for startups process, we closely cooperate to ensure that every important decision meets your vision and goals.
UI/UX Design Process for Startups: Design Support

Explore Our UI/UX for Startups Design Portfolio

Desktop Lie Detector Software Design


Desktop Lie Detector Software

Cieden provided the client with product consulting services, redesigning and uniting separate desktop applications into a single solution. As a result, the complex interface received more intuitive navigation, and a couple of new features including analytics and incorporating wearables support, and expanded screening capabilities. This allowed the company to provide an all-in-one tool for conducting a screening of people on-site or analyzing video recordings.

Design of task tracking tool for restaurants

food industry

Qualizy. Task tracking for restaurants

Qualizy is a startup created by a well known French chef and advocate for food security and HACCP compliance. Customers mainly used the product to track tasks in kitchens and keep documentation organized. The problem was, Qualizy wasn’t being used to its full capacity – most features were not utilized or used effectively. The client approached us to help improve the UX of the product, along with creating new capabilities.

Product Design for Enterprise-Level Product

real estate

Enterprise-Level Product

Gridics is a government and real estate tech startup that seeks to make the world of zoning more transparent and accessible. Cieden was retained to provide 360-degree product consulting services, from feature prioritization and UX to branding and UI. This partnership resulted in the launch of two additional apps, a strong product suite brand, and demonstrable client growth with top-tier cities like New York.

Sustainable Food Consumption Platform Design


Sustainable Food Consumption Platform

E-Commerce platform that helps both eco-conscious and budget-conscious shoppers have the unique possibility to order soon-to-expire food at much cheaper prices. The company needed help refreshing the flows and visuals on their platform, and we at Cieden were more than happy to help. After all, we were particularly excited to work on another ecological product that helps us feel like we are contributing to a bigger cause.

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Why choose Cieden's Startups UI/UX design agency?

  • The majority of our clients are startups. We know their needs and pains
  • We minimize overheads by cutting unnecessary management and complicated processes
  • All our projects are led by experienced UI/UX designers or business analysts
  • We realize the importance of hypotheses validation, market fit, the speed of use
  • We focus on apps and keep up to date with the most recent developments in the industry
  • When developing marketplaces, we rely on NFX.com research about the network effects
  • When developing eCommerce, we rely on Nielsen Norman Group and Baymard Institute
  • We combine business analysis, marketing, and design expertise
  • We have a spotless track record
  • We are closely involved in all stages of development from idea validation to the final result

UI/UX Startup Design: Why it Matters 

Startups need to quickly prove their competitiveness and achieve a product-market fit to attract investors and survive the turbulent launch stage. UI/UX for startups is crucial for both goals as it creates products that meet customers’ needs and a user experience that satisfies modern high standards. 

For us, design isn’t about picking colors, fonts, and shapes. It’s about building easy and beautiful user experiences. We want your customers to feel smart, engaged, and ready to share the word about your product.

A UI/UX is a cornerstone of a modern startup’s success, and we want to prove it to you with our work.

User Interface (UI) for Startups

At Cieden, UI design for startups serves the following goals:

  • Creating relevant and engaging designs that accentuate your startup’s brand identity; 
  • Designing interfaces with character to boost your product’s recognizability; 
  • Ensuring that colors, typography, composition, forms, and shapes create a pleasant and easy-to-follow visual experience. We don’t sacrifice usability for looks. 
  • Creating and maintaining design systems to ensure that the UI is consistent, which saves a ton of time and money. 
User Interface (UI) for Startups

User Experience (UX) for Startups

At Cieden, UX design for startups serves the following goals:

  • Building impactful products with a human-centric approach;
  • Basing all important decisions on competitors, target audience, and market research as well as engagement analytics, heatmaps, and quantitative analysis;
  • Minimizing the possibility of user errors that can, otherwise, cost you loyal brand ambassadors and customers;
  • Meeting user needs in the most optimal way, which puts your company ahead of the competition;
  • Leaving you plenty of space and time for creative work and planning required for successful startup development.

As a result of the UX for a startup, you get user error prevention, fewer change requests and rewrites, less investment in user education and support, and a much higher NPS score.

User Experience (UX) for Startups