About us.

Cherishing the difference between leaders and bosses, partners and customers is the basis of our team cooperation. We share the responsibility for our company among us and in return, everyone is granted a motivating compensation, unlimited vacations, and a remote-friendly working environment. This is our vision of a perfect world and we invite you to join us.

Cieden happy team members


At Cieden, we are a horizontal and decentralized team of designers

  • Partnership
  • Community
  • Open-minded environment
  • Mutual trust
  • Common decision-making
Yuriy and Iryna from Cieden / Cieden co-founders


Hello! We are Yuriy and Iryna, the founders and inspirators of Cieden

We love design and the way it brings people happiness. The idea of Cieden is to create a place where creativity meets success. Cieden team is made up of people who are constantly learning, developing and growing professionally. We believe that continuous education, communication, and a modern working environment enhance the opportunity to create a winning product.

our team.

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Yuriy from Cieden Yuriy from Cieden on hover
Yuriy Mykhasyak
CEO & co-founder
Iryna Serednia
Lead UX/UI Designer, co-founder
Ryan McHenry
Director of Growth
Derek Odom , a Creative Director at Cieden Derek Odom , a Creative Director at Cieden
Derek Odom
Creative Director
Anastasiya Mudryk
Business Analyst/Researcher
Katya Kamyanets
Lead UX/UI Designer
Yuriy Haliuk
Lead UX/UI Designer
Halyna Kovalisko
Lead UX Designer
Olia Marchak
UX/UI Designer
Andrew Sapkowski
UX/UI Designer
Nazar Sasovets
UX/UI Designer
Dmytro Trotsko
Marketing Manager
Oleg Bortnyk
UX/UI Designer
Denis Dudar
UX/UI Designer
Anastasiia Kramar
UX/UI Designer
Valentyn Skliarov
UX/UI Designer
Ana Pukhir
Business Development Manager
Olia Ududiak
Talent Manager
Oleksii Sikorskyi
Senior UX/UI Designer
Khrystyna Harmash
Finance Director
Roman Huk
Marketing Manager
Roman Budzak
UX/UI Designer
Daria Zhiltsova
UX/UI Designer
Olia Kasianchuk
UX/UI Designer
Martha Khmil , a Business Analyst at Cieden Martha Khmil , a Business Analyst at Cieden
Martha Khmil
Business Analyst
Eugene a UX/UI designer at Cieden Eugene a UX/UI designer at Cieden
Eugene Tyulenev
UX/UI Designer
Antonina, a UX/UI designer at Cieden Antonina, a UX/UI designer at Cieden
Antonina Cherenkova
UX/UI Designer

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