Cieden is Recognized as One of the World’s Best User Research Providers

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11 Apr 2022
Cieden is Recognized as One of the World’s Best User Research Providers Cieden

In 2022 Cieden has once again confirmed its status as a top-rated digital product design and marketing agency in the global ranking by Clutch. 

Since our clients find us mostly on B2B market research platforms like Upwork and Clutch, such a sign of recognition is an important indicator that our team does everything right in its area of expertise. And we will definitely continue to move further in this direction, by excelling in diligence to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

It is not the first time we receive this kind of award. In fact, we already have quite a great showcase of trophies and budges from our partners. Not to go too far, just in December 2021, Cieden was included in the Clutch-1000 rating, the top 1% of the most credible and high-performing contractors operating on this platform. 

This time, we were awarded in the user research category and got 12th place in the global ranking for this field. It is very symbolic and means a lot to Cieden. Profound scientific research is a cornerstone of our work and the secret of the wow-effect that our UX/UX solutions most often have among end-users.

Cieden Product Team

It is our experience-based conviction that user research is the most critical component of a good design process, decisive for the viability and ultimate success of the entire project. Every year, more and more business owners start recognizing its value, but Cieden was on the leading edge of foregrounding this process, even at those times when many founders neglected the discovery phase and equated the digital product design to graphic work on creating layouts and interfaces only.

The award from Clutch becomes even more precious taking into account that such distinction is largely based on customer reviews and opinions. As a leading rating and review platform, Clutch approaches the ranking process very thoroughly, and the voice of clients is the most pivotal criterion in this respect. 

The success of our clients in achieving their goals is the primary priority for Cieden, and our partners feel this is not just a sound word for us. In their feedback, they usually mark our professionalism, cooperativeness, and high quality of work. 

Cieden's latest reviews on Clutch

Overall, during 2021 Cieden has enhanced its positions and further expanded on the market:

-  due to the trust and credibility we earned among our regular customers and their positive testimonials, we were contracted for another 35 ambitious projects in CRM management, real estate, healthcare, and fin-tech. Most of them are complex B2B and B2C SaaS products where we are most recognized experts;

- in line with the growing need for additional expertise and some extra hands, we've also invited new professionals to the Cieden family. A flexible system of promotion and an enticing bonus system fairly rewards every teammate for giving the maximum for the team;

- all extra funds were invested in empowering the agency technologically and supporting the digital education programs in Ukraine. 

As for today, in light of the current events, our focus is on saving and defending the achievements won during the previous period. This primarily means maintaining and support of our team, as well as helping teammates that currently work from other countries. All the profits are spent directly on supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as the national post-crisis economic recovery projects in the aftermath of this war that will hopefully come soon.

“This award shows that our team is becoming stronger, more resilient, self-reliant, motivated, and even more dynamic and flexible. We continue to work effectively and handle challenges that may occur along the way. 

Cieden will continue to put all its intelligence and creative energy into work to exceed our clients’ expectations, so I consider this award from Clutch a stepping stone to even greater achievements”. 

Yuriy Mykhasyak, CEO and a co-founder at Cieden. 

For today, the Cieden team took all the necessary steps to remain fully operable and keep the bar high in its professional performance. As always, we are ready to work and create. And you can fully rely on us, however complex and technologically ambitious your SaaS projects are.

If you have an interesting idea, please contact us and we'll reach you soon.


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Cieden is Recognized as One of the World’s Best User Research Providers Cieden
Cieden is Recognized as One of the World’s Best User Research Providers Cieden

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