Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy

15 Mar 2022
Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

Despite the crisis situation in Ukraine, the Cieden team continues to work and firmly stands its ground in its work with clients worldwide. In the very first days of the war, most of our Ukrainian designers have relocated to safe locations in the countries of the European Union and immediately renewed their engagement with ongoing and upcoming projects. Our resourceful teammates are now working from Austria, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Turkey.

Thus the workflow is on, the team synergy is flawless as usual, and the enthusiasm to bring to life the most ambitious projects making the world better is higher than ever. Our energy and working capacity are additionally fuelled by an understanding of the importance to support the Ukrainian economy and army at these challenging times for our nation.

“Although the war has been going on in the East of our country for 8 years, in February Russia has brought the atrocity to a whole new level, by adding civilian-targeted violence and attacks with heavy weapons prohibited by the Geneva Convention to its arsenal. The full-fledged war of extermination has radically changed the agenda of Cieden. As a Ukrainian company and a community of Ukrainians, we joined the struggle of our nation for survival, freedom, and human dignity.

Our teammates directed their energy and effort into supporting our defenders and citizens who need help. Everyone donates, helps with logistics, does what he or she can to stop the horde. As a company, we have also donated as much as we could from our reserves and will invest all profits until the invasion stops”. 

Yuriy Mykhasyak, Co-Founder and CEO

"The first priority of Cieden is the safety of team members and their families. We assisted and provided help to those who decided to relocate from dangerous places and continue to help in many ways. 

As one of the leaders and voices of the Ukrainian IT community, Cieden also felt responsible for communicating to the digital technology providers the need to terminate any services for clients from Russia. So, we initiated petitions and reached out to the management of popular platforms. Our Video production team stopped most of the projects and is now creating videos about war crimes of Russia against kids and civilians”.

Iryna Serednia, Co-Founder and Design Director

Cieden Remains Fully Operable on the Market 

Most of our team has temporarily moved to other countries for safety concerns and continues to work full-time remotely. The remaining part stayed in Ukraine and managed to combine part-time work with volunteering. Thus we have found a new organizational modus vivendi for Cieden to remain fully operable on the market.

Cieden stands with Ukraine

While the Ukrainian army is defending our lands, Cieden along with other companies of IT-sector defends its economy. Ukraine faced serious challenges due to damages in almost every economic sector. In a state of war, many sectors of the Ukrainian economy have stalled or were subject to serious logistical and infrastructural limitations. Also, almost 2 million people have already crossed the national border. Nearly half of those who stayed have lost their jobs or devoted themselves to volunteering. The current situation will cause huge unemployment and an economic crisis in the near future. And we know for sure that the destruction of the economic capacity of Ukraine is one of the enemy’s key objectives.

Luckily, the Ukrainian tech sector remained almost one significant source of income and stability. By providing the highest level of service and keeping commitments to their clients, the Ukrainian IT community makes an important contribution to supporting the economy.

7 Ways to Support Ukraine

Work with B2B service providers in Ukraine

Now the IT industry remains the only relatively intact and operable source of income from business in our country. Therefore, by working with Ukrainian companies, you financially support our nation in the most effective way.  You can choose talents from over 220 000 IT professionals: software engineers,  quality assurance specialists, designers, marketers, recruitment & human resources managers, and other experts. It is also commonly known that Ukrainian companies provide the same quality service at beneficially lower rates compared to the USA or Western Europe.


Every minute of Russian aggression produces enormous billion-dollar damage to all realms of social, economic, and private life in Ukraine. Millions of citizens are now deprived of essentials that make human life simply normal. These losses are still reversible on the condition of timely assistance that a government in a state of war cannot always provide in time. Therefore, your donation would literally save lives in real-time mode. Lives of children, lives of injured people that got under attack, and lives of the civilian victims intentionally blocked in some of our cities and dying of dehydration and starvation right now.

Send humanitarian supplies

Today, millions of tons of humanitarian aid from countries all over the world come to Ukrainian airports, stations, and post offices. We receive food, medication, medical and safety equipment, and thousands of other critically important things for the survival and sustainable livelihood of our people. If you have a desire to provide this kind of support to the government of a particular recipient in Ukraine, we do appreciate it.  

Join a protest in your city

This is perhaps the most important and compelling case where we desperately need your help. Since the very first day of this homicidal war, our government implores NATO and EU countries to close the sky over Ukraine or at least to give our pilots additional jets for protecting our cities from the merciless heavy fire of cruise missiles and bombs. We are thankful for sanctions against the Russian economy and military support,  but unfortunately, it's not enough. We still need support from citizens to influence your officials and break this vicious circle. Otherwise, the faith in democracy and hope for defense alliances will be soon buried under the ruins of Ukraine.   

Host Ukrainians

Two million refugees from Ukraine had either lost their irreparably damaged dwellings forever or left them for an uncertain period facing a direct risk to life and safety. Many of our compatriots already found shelters, unconditional friendly support, and sincere hospitality in thousands of families of Europe, Asia, and both Americas. Thank you so much, words cannot adequately express how much this means to us these days. When the war ends, be our guests in Ukraine as well, you are always welcome!

Hire Ukrainians

As mentioned above, many Ukrainians lose their jobs at times when they are in greatest need of financial stability and resources to support their families, friends, fellow citizens, as well as to simply survive. If you have open remote positions or viable relocation-sponsored options in your companies, hiring Ukrainian specialists is an extremely valuable contribution to supporting our nation in its hour of need. In rankings of offshore contractors, Ukrainian employees and freelancers are usually distinguished as most professional, diligent, and reliable workers. 

Volunteer or help professionally

You certainly know that we fight against an exceptionally powerful and dangerous enemy which concentrates enormous material and informational resources to destroy our nation. The only chance to win in this battle is responding to this blind, rude force by accurate and qualified actions based on personal skills and competence. That is why, if you are a professional in a particular area and your heart is full of compassion for Ukrainian people, please come and help with your expertise. Save the lives of our people as a doctor, protect our cybersecurity as an IT specialist, defend our information space as a PR agent, and help us make Putin’s regime accountable for its crimes as a lawyer. 

How Our Team Describes First Days of War

At the same time, as Cieden always keeps warm and sincere relationships with our clients, we never miss a chance to make them even closer by caring about the humane side along with purely professional aspects. In this respect, it may be quite interesting for you to read about our Ukrainian teammates’ experience of the first days of the war. Their reactions, feeling, hopes, and ideas about this truly global event changing the global security architecture before our eyes. 

The Ukrainian West

Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“When this all started... I became enraged. It is perhaps the key emotion that came first. But that was a cold rage, and it soon transformed into the resolution to act. I did some shopping to get ingredients for a Molotov cocktail and prepare a dozen of this refreshing drink. We call it Bandera's smoothie. For now, the enemy is far from my city: our army and territorial defense forces rough them up in the outer reaches along our national borders. But once they arrive, I will welcome them warmly”.

Andrew, Design Team, Lviv

Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“I woke up at 6 AM when my brother called and told me that Putin announced war. There was no panic, but an urge to prepare and organize others. The first days were blurry, with sirens, inability to eat, and desperate desire to help others. Here in Lviv, it is comparably safe and close to the border, thus it was possible to organize some aid, help to transport people abroad, host people at home, buy and gather aid. I constantly scanned dozens of chats where people asked for help or told where and how it’s possible to help. Contacted friends in Poland, coordinated transfers and volunteers, and even tried to find places where it was possible to buy ammo in Poland. When all team members were in safe places, we were able to resume work as our country needs resources and the economy needs support to rebuild itself”.

Anastasiya, Associate Product Director, Lviv


Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“Already in the evening of February 24, I was so busy with purchasing and packing provisions and medication for refugees at the volunteer center, that it really left no room for stress or fear in my mind. Now I am engaged with the logistics of ammunition and medicines. I'm looking for trucks, cars, buses that could deliver the needed supplies from one city to another. It is very inspiring to realize that all the goods we send reach volunteers, doctors, and the military. Just imagine that you managed to ship 150 bulletproof vests, 120 helmets, and a bunch of other important, valuable stuff, prospectively saving so many lives of your compatriots. This is our everyday reality now. Usually, you see a person that is going to drive to the destination point for the first (and often the last) time in your life. So there are no formal guarantees that the shipment will reach its destination. Everything is built on trust, and it's great!”

Bogdana, Video Production Team, Lviv

Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“Recently I had given shelter to an army officer before his departure for the front. After several days he became a family member: it was really painful to see him fully unaware about his chances to come back alive. But the room where he dwelled in our flat was not empty for a long time. The next day we already welcomed women with three kids escaping from the South. I am happy to help lots of good people in need”.

Nastya, Talent Manager, Lviv

Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“At hard times, our national scout organization (aka Plast), which I am a part of, is perhaps one of the most disciplined and fast-reacting entities in the world, emerging wherever they can help. These days, Plast took the lead in volunteering activities in our region. While piling cars and buses high with packages of essential commodities for both our warriors and civilians, I am happy to have this incredible feeling of fellowship and a powerful backup from thousands of my comrades acting in concert”. 

Natalia, Accounting Team, Lviv

Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“My friends avoided being instantly killed by a miracle. One of them is a pilot whose aerodrome was totally destroyed with the first wave of attack. Their regiment had to escape and relocate to another region so fast that they did not even have time to take bare essentials for living, including food, clothes, hygiene supplies, and so on. It would appear that a group of literally barefoot men without anything in an unknown city have rather dull prospects... But not in Ukraine. I just subtly mentioned the situation to my friends and colleagues about this trouble, and in a few hours, they collected over $ 2 000 for our brave guys. That's an amazing manifestation of our solidarity in the face of adversity”. 

Maryana, Video Production Team, Lviv

Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“Not that I did not want to leave Kyiv for some safer place when this all began. I simply did not get a chance. The trains to Western Ukraine and Poland were fully packed. So we had to get on any other train to simply escape the city. And even as we managed to hop onto one, it did not move for another 4 hours, because a battle started 1 km away from the railway station. We had to sit in the dark or lie down on the floor while hearing the artillery approaching. Although I have eventually managed to leave Kyiv and flee to Germany, my heart is still totally there. Now I try to work to be capable of supporting our army financially, and wage struggles on the informational front. But my primary mission remains remote assistance to people from Kyiv with relocation to safer areas. I still have many friends who are stuck in that region and face obstacles to leaving for other cities”.

Lana, Design Team, Kyiv

The Ukrainian East

Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“I will never forget that moment. I got on a train to Zaporizhia at 1 AM, and in a few hours, my mother called me crying and begging me not to go home. She pleaded with me to get off at the first stop and go back to Lviv. I didn't do that. I study in Poland, and at that time I have not been home and seen my family for six months already, so the desire to hug my mother turned stronger than fear. Well, home welcomed me with the sound of a siren, the darkness of underground shelters, and, most dramatically, the total emptiness of the streets. The city is dead. There are no people. No cars. No one walks with children. The picture you see doesn't fit in your head, you can't believe that the usual scenario of your stay at home was destroyed by the war”. 

Sonja, Design Team, Zaporizhzhia

The Ukrainian South

Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

“On 24 February, I woke up from two incredibly powerful shakes, with no sound. At first, I thought that was an earthquake. But in a few minutes, my old army comrade called me and asked if we have been bombed “as well”. And an hour more I was told our seaport is ruined by two guided missiles with sixteen fatalities. I was amazed how many people both from my country and abroad, both my friends and those whom I hardly know, immediately reached me and proposed to give shelter in a safer area. This is the soul of our people, what can I say.

But leaving is not an option to me, although the endless howls of siren remind me about the fragility of life every day. My town is inseparable from what I consider the motherland. I know every tree, every rock, and every climb at the coastline. And I love them. They are a part of me. For now, I support our warriors only financially, but joining their ranks is not unlikely. Although I hate violence, when an abuser breaks into your home, you have to stop him. If it can be done without a mortality rate, let it be. If not, God forgives me”. 

Stanislav, Marketing Team, Ochakiv

Closing Remarks

The world has changed.

This is a famous quote from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, the most epic tale of the struggle between Good and Evil created in modern times. 

The tale is becoming a reality right before our eyes. These days. And it is indeed going to change the world radically. Ukrainian People are at the forefront of this fateful fight where light and darkness collided in a reconcilable clash once again. 

We are extremely grateful to you who show compassion and provide assistance in our struggle for life and freedom, from national leaders to millions of private citizens all over the planet. Although not each of us will take a gun (who knows though?) but we will do everything that can be done to protect our land and our human dignity – at humanitarian missions, on the informational front, or by the financial support of our citizens and warriors. 

Good always triumphs over evil.



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Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden
Cieden remains fully operable on the market and supports the Ukrainian economy Cieden

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