Cieden’s Growth Mindset, Both for Our Clients and for Ourselves

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25 Jul 2019
Cieden’s Growth Mindset, Both for Our Clients and for Ourselves Cieden
ey there! Cieden has been up to a lot recently, and we thought it would be a great time to share a friendly update.

As you may already know, Cieden has recently scored some great industry wins in our native Ukraine, but do you know all the finer details or about our international expansion? Steady and consistent progress has led to constant improvement and diversification in our capabilities, not to mention a trail of delighted client testimonials. Read on to find out more!

Cieden product design team

Founded by Iryna Serednya and Yurij Mykhasyak in 2016, we started life in Ukraine and Poland, quickly developing Cieden into force to be reckoned with. Intense competition inspired us, and we have now firmly established ourselves as one of the leading product design and marketing agencies in Eastern Europe. This rapid success has been based on our unique process, based on a 4-dimensional, multidisciplinary approach. Combining best practices from cutting-edge product design, marketing, business analysis, and development are the key compass points we use to get all our products moving in the right direction. After all, magic happens when designers talk analytics and marketers can suggest product features.

This approach has created an extremely successful build-launch-analyze feedback loop for many of our clients, leading to success for them and culminating in strong peer reviews for us. Take Clutch, for example, which compares the world's very best agencies. They have consistently ranked us as a leader in Ukraine for creative and design. Late last year, we built on these cast iron foundations to enter their top 5 rankings for UX. Clutch's sister company, The Manifest, has also given us a nod of approval, placing us in their top 15 and further cementing our one to watch status.

Cieden's Clutch award

Perhaps our biggest reason to be cheerful, however, is that Upwork just ranked us as Lviv's no. 1 agency for design and creative in 2018. With 12 million registered freelancers and five million registered clients, making it the largest freelancer marketplace in the world, we were obviously delighted to receive this accolade.

With an international team as our foundation, we soon realized that borders could not restrict us and that the world was indeed our oyster. This gave us the confidence to launch operations in Miami, Florida, just recently. All the work we had done until this point had paid off, and we've been fortunate to already find ourselves on the first rung of the recognition ladder. Despite having just started, we already rank 27th for creative and design in the state, which represents a solid basis for us to continue scaling even higher heights. 

And yet another award praises Cieden’s creative minds — and skilled hands. DesignRush, a platform razor-focused on design, has recognized us among the Top UX/UI agencies out there.

Another update we’re happy to share is our recent ranking among the top branding agencies by Here at Cieden, our approach to brand strategy follows a unique research and ideation methodology that our Director of Growth developed, and we are proud to see its formal recognition among other renowned branding agencies.

It's not just industry experts who are doing double takes over our distinction. In fact, and most importantly, our customers feel just as awestruck. For us, nothing beats the kick we get out of helping our partners thrive and prosper. It is their opinions that we care about most. 

Having worked with Cieden for over a year, it has been proven to me time and again that everyone at Cieden has an exceptionally high bar for quality in their field of expertise. Working with the Cieden BA team, we have developed a wide variety of new business processes and practices for the internal operations of the design team itself. This, in addition to always delivering the highest quality outcomes in each of the tactical projects we complete, has helped us to deliver year on year true transformation in both capabilities and outcomes Rachael Taylor, Confidential Reston, USA.

Nader Amiri of ElGrocer in Dubai is also particularly impressed with our positive attitude, clear communication, and genuine interest.

Others perceptive enough to notice our brilliance so early on have also benefited from our low swoops under the radar. But as you can see, we are now leaving incognito mode. We're starting to get noticed!

The year ahead promises to be full of excitement and even more vertigo as more ladders get scaled. If you're ready to start taking advantage of our 4-dimensional approach and seeing what Rachael and Nader mean first hand, we are ready to show you, too.

Drop us a line at now and let's get to work!

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Cieden’s Growth Mindset, Both for Our Clients and for Ourselves Cieden
Cieden’s Growth Mindset, Both for Our Clients and for Ourselves Cieden

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