UX Design for Martech.

Simplify. Automate. Visualize. Our martech solutions deliver simple, yet highly-personalized user experiences that align with user needs and business goals.

We focus on deep user understanding, process automation, and easy data visualization to streamline workflows and drive smarter decisions based on data.

UX Design for Martech Cieden

Built by people for people

UX Design for Martech .

For over 8 years, Cieden has been designing highly-performing martech solutions that resonate with users and align with business needs.

We start by deeply understanding the diverse user roles within your organization — from marketers to managers — ensuring we address their specific processes, needs, motivations, and pain points. At the same time, we analyze and navigate your business challenges, ensuring our impact meets your goals and drives long-term growth.

With Cieden, you’re not just getting a vendor — you’re gaining a partner who invests in your long-term success. This means we fully adapt to your company’s workflows, ensuring the same level of commitment and insight as an in-house team.

Cieden x Blizzard 

Discover how our redesign process revealed feature gaps, addressed stakeholder frustrations, and created a new approach to Blizzard's content management system in 3 months

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