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Is outdated UX holding back your product growth?
We dive into your product and business processes to define key challenges and uncover ideas for custom design improvements. Let’s resolve all issues and create a solution that your users need and lack.

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You need a redesign if:

Your interface feels outdated

If your product feels old and clunky, our app redesign services will update your software to modern standards, reduce user frustration, and satisfy user expectations.

Your product branding is weak

Inconsistent or weak branding can harm your market presence. A cohesive, unique brand identity helps you build awareness and credibility, ensuring your product stands out and gains customer loyalty.

Your metrics are declining

Decreasing user metrics can point to usability issues. A well-executed redesign improves performance by optimizing user workflows and eliminating points of friction.

Your product is scaling

Expanding your reach demands a design that may easily scale and adjust for new audiences. A product redesign ensures it resonates with diverse user groups and meets new market demands.

Your competitors outpace you

If competitors consistently outperform you and attract more users, it’s time for big changes. A strategic redesign can help you reclaim a leading market position, engage target users, and minimize churn.

You secured a new investment

Further investments open doors for product upgrades. Use this chance to elevate your design, ensuring it aligns with investor expectations, meets market needs, and reflects your business goals.

Impact over output .

The role of product redesign services for your business

Secured market advantage

A redesign keeps your product relevant and competitive, helping you quickly adapt to market changes and stay ahead of competitors. Regular UX audits and updates fix existing issues and highlight strengths made to set new standards for your industry.

App Redesign Services Cieden

Enhanced user engagement

​​Redesigning a product goes beyond functionality. It creates a memorable experience that makes users feel valued and understood. Elements of hyper-personalization and gamification foster a sense of achievement and loyalty, making users come back and spend more time with your product.

App Redesign Services Cieden

Expanded customer reach

A strategic app redesign can help you attract a larger audience by making your product more accessible and appealing to diverse user groups. In-depth user research ensures the redesign caters to user needs, resulting in a bigger, more satisfied customer base.

App Redesign Services Cieden

Maximized usability

Improving usability through redesign makes it easier for users to achieve their goals with minimal effort. Simple navigation, intuitive design, and clear guides ensure a smooth, error-free experience – aimed at reducing frustration and abandonment rates.

App Redesign Services Cieden

Higher conversion rates

Fixing slow load times and confusing user experience helps in guiding users effectively toward a desired action. Effective call-to-actions and improved user flows ensure a seamless path to conversion, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.

App Redesign Services Cieden

Why Cieden?

8 reasons to choose our app redesign services:

Guided by facts and numbers

Not a gut feeling. We're all about numbers and facts, using data-driven insights to identify and resolve usability issues, validate hypotheses, and enhance the performance of UX redesign.

Eyes on the prize

Our product designers always keep their eyes on the bigger picture, ensuring our insights and design-related efforts are perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

Impacting, not just doing

We don't just execute tasks but actively influence the strategy of design. Our desire for constant changes and innovations ensures products are highly competitive and at the industry forefront.

No need for micromanagement

In our UX redesign services, we take a proactive and self-directed approach, ensuring an independent and seamless workflow that aligns with your project goals and timelines.

Enterprise-level experience

We have experience collaborating with industry giants like Blizzard, Apollo, and MedEntry, handling complex enterprise designs tailored to their specific needs and scale.

AI design expertise

Cieden specializes in AI, implementing its algorithms when it adds significant value to the product and helps users automate tasks, speed up processes, personalize user experiences, and improve decision-making.

User-centered approach

At Cieden, web and mobile app redesign is made by people for people. Our goal is to ensure that your product is not only visually appealing but also deeply resonates with its target users.

Huge expertise in diverse domains

With over 8 years of expertise in UX redesign services, we have successfully delivered projects across various industries including Martech, Healthcare, BPM & ERP, FinTech, and more.

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