Why is spacing important?

In this article, you'll learn not only why spacing is important but also about the different types of spacing. Discover how to adjust letter, word, paragraph, and line spacing, work with spacing in UI, and manage positive and negative space to create a layout that your users will use comfortably.

What are the definitions of baselines, keylines, containers, and other key terms?

In this article, we break down key spacing terms like baseline, keylines, and containers. Discover how these elements can help you create clean, user-friendly layouts.

What are spacing best practices (8pt grid system, internal ≤ external rule, etc.)?

In just 9 minutes, our talented Karyna Khmelyk explains how to implement an 8pt grid system and the internal ≤ external rule. A must-read for anyone looking for the best spacing practices

How can I choose the right spacing system?

Wondering which spacing system to choose? Should it be the 4pt or 8pt system? Fixed, fluid, or adaptive grids? Our Karyna Khmelyk has crafted a brief guide to help you navigate these choices and highlight key considerations based on her experience and knowledge.

How do I apply spacing best practices to different types of apps?

Learning spacing best practices is just the beginning. The real challenge is adapting them to different types of apps. This article dives into how to do just that. Check it out - it's bound to be relevant to you!

Why is consistent spacing important?

There's no shame in revisiting the fundamentals. Consistent spacing is key to every design. Let's refresh and master this essential skill together in just 6 minutes.

How can typography support consistent spacing throughout the entire application?

Typography spacing has many pitfalls. In this article, our talented Karyna Khmelyk uncovers the most critical and common ones. Check it out and master typography spacing.

Can customizable spacing settings improve user experience?

Can customizable spacing features improve user experience? Absolutely, yes! Check out this article to find out how products like Gmail and Pocket implemented customizable spacing features successfully. 

What spacing recommendations should I consider for desktop and mobile designs?

In this article, Karyna Khmelyk shares her expert recommendations on spacing for mobile and desktop devices. These tips are easy to implement and deliver visible results, so check them out.

How does white space affect user comprehension and engagement with content?

The importance of white space is deeply rooted in psychology and cognitive science. Understanding these principles helps create user-friendly interfaces, direct user attention, and encourage desired actions. In this article, we'll teach you how to use white space strategically. Check it out :) 

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