What do icon metaphors and symbolism mean?

What metaphors and symbolism do icons carry? How do you choose colors for a global audience? What should you consider to avoid misunderstandings? Gain insights from our designer's experience!

How do different cultures perceive symbols in icons?

Different cultures perceive symbols in icons based on their unique history, religion, and social norms. In this article, our designer Karyna examines several examples of icon localization and discusses key considerations for designing icons for a global audience.

How to ensure that icon designs are universal and easily understood by diverse user groups?

Discover how to make your icon designs resonate across diverse cultures. Dive into strategies for creating symbols that are not only visually engaging but also culturally sensitive and universally accessible.

What are the different types and styles of icons?

Discover the different types and styles of icons used in digital interfaces, from simple filled icons to versatile SVGs. Learn how to select the right icons based on context and technical requirements for optimal user experience.

How to use icon grids and keylines?

Learn how to master icon grids and keylines with Karyna Khmelyk's expert tips. Find out how the right grid size and keyline application can enhance the visual balance and functionality of your designs.

When should I create my own icons from scratch?

Explore the strategic benefits of designing custom icons: from enhancing user experience to strengthening your brand's identity in competitive markets. Learn how and when personalized iconography can significantly impact your digital presence.

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