How do I establish a strong typographic hierarchy?

Learn how to establish a strong typographic hierarchy with a typographic scale and maintain consistency throughout your design.

How does text alignment affect readability?

What text alignment should you use for your app design? Why can justified alignment make information in your app almost impossible to perceive? How should you design for left-to-right and right-to-left languages? Learn this and more in this article!

How do I adjust letter spacing and line length for readability?

What letter spacing and line length should you use in your design? How do they differ depending on your font choice? What do WCAG guidelines recommend? Find out all this and more in our article!

How do I design for common reading patterns?

How can you effectively distribute information so that users engage with every crucial touchpoint? Where should you position your call to action to ensure it catches the eye? While there’s no magic formula, understanding common reading patterns can certainly work wonders. We’ll guide you through mastering these design techniques. Dive into the details in this article.

How do I choose a typeface for my application?

How can understanding your users’ demographics guide your choice of typeface? What factors should you consider to make sure your typeface is accessible to everyone? Discover how JCPenney navigated through its rebranding challenges. Explore these insights and more in our article. 

How do I establish a type scale for my project?

Much like a music scale, a type scale creates a consistent hierarchy and visual rhythm, making it easier for users to recognize patterns and read with ease. Discover how to create type scales and organize them into a cohesive system for a better reading experience.

What is responsive typography and how do I implement it in web design?

If you aim to ensure text is legible and aesthetically pleasing across all devices, responsive typography is essential. Learn how to set your type scale, adjust alignment, and manage spacing to create a comfortable and consistent reading experience.

What is a classic type scale? How do mathematical principles and musical theory influence its design?

In this article, we explore a classic type scale inspired by the musical scale. Learn how to use and customize it for each project to create a harmonious typography system. Check it out!

What different types of typographic scales exist?

Various typographic scales exist, each defined by specific ratios that influence text elements' hierarchy and visual harmony. In this article, we explain how to work with the most common typographic scales. Check it out! 

What are em & rem on a type scale?

In this article, we dive into the tricky topic of em and rem units. What are they? What are their unique features and pitfalls? How do you work with them, and when should you use each one? Check out this article to find out all the answers!

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