What’s a shape and what role do shapes play in design?

A shape is a two-dimensional figure defined by its edges, whether straight lines, curves, or a combination of both, but it's much more than that. Shapes can create a visual hierarchy, guide users, convey messages, and shape branding. Discover how to use the power of shapes in this article!

How can shapes be used effectively in design?

Shapes guide users' eyes, evoke emotions, and enhance usability. In this article, our designer shares tips, recommendations, and inspirational examples on using shapes to create impactful and powerful designs.

How do I select the appropriate shapes for my design?

Discover a three-step data-driven approach to choosing shapes for your design: determine the purpose, define the target audience, and understand the psychology behind shapes. Want to learn more? Find the details in the article!

Do rounded buttons perform a better usability?

In this article, Karyna addresses common questions about rounded buttons. Do they improve usability? Do they attract more attention? How can you increase their usability and visibility? Check it out to master rounded button design!

What does a rounded interface mean?

Why is the industry obsessed with rounded UI? Is it truly better than rectangular shapes? Find out with our designer Karyna in this article. Check it out and decide which team you're on!

Where are rounded buttons most effective in a design?

Explore when rounded buttons are beneficial and when to avoid them for creating harmonious and impactful designs.

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