Do different cultures perceive colors differently? How does this affect design decisions?

Explore how different cultures perceive colors and how these perceptions impact design choices. Learn how to use color strategically in your designs to resonate positively with diverse audiences.

How do I choose colors that create the intended emotional response?

Learn how color psychology shapes user emotions in digital products. Get tips on picking the right colors to create the desired emotional response and experience for your audience.

How do I choose colors that align with the app’s purpose and functionality?

Discover how to choose colors that align with your app’s purpose and functionality. Learn about selecting primary and secondary colors, typography colors, and using color psychology to create the desired emotional response. 

How do I choose the primary color for the app?

Learn how to choose and tweak your primary color palette to reflect your brand, connect with users, and stand out in the market. Learn tips and tricks for using color psychology and competitor insights to create a design that feels just right.

How do I choose colors for multibrand apps?

Building an eCommerce app with multiple brands or a parent company app with various subsidiaries and unsure about color choices? Discover expert tips from our designer, who has experience with multibrand projects, and learn how to scale your UI and facilitate color updates using a design token system.

How do I choose system colors (e.g., success, warning, error colors)?

Explore how to choose system colors effectively, including when to break away from traditional color norms like red for danger and green for approval. Learn to customize your approach for a distinct and intuitive user experience.

How can color-blind and visually impaired users perceive system alerts and notifications?

Learn how to design notifications and alerts accessible to color-blind and visually impaired users. Our designer covers practical design steps to meet accessibility standards and improve user engagement across all platforms.

How can I balance different colors to create a harmonious design?

Discover how to apply the 60-30-10 rule for a visually balanced design. Explore practical examples from business applications that effectively implement this color distribution strategy.

What types of color palettes should I create for an application?

Learn what types of color palettes to consider for your app! In this article, our Karyna discusses the basics for beginners and expands into more sophisticated color schemes, providing recommendations on the best scenarios for each.

Should I consider creating additional color palettes for specific elements or scenarios?

When should you consider additional color palettes? Should you create them at all? This article answers these questions and offers expert recommendations from our designer.

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