From an idea to a prototype in a week.

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Charrette - /ʃaˈrɛt/
any collaborative session in which a group of designers drafts a solution to a design problem.

How it works

We’d love to invite you to spend a week with us to help you prototype your idea.

Logistics are covered

Although you foot the bill, we are happy to help arrange flights and accommodation here so that your stay is as hassle-free as possible!

Work with a full team of experts

Enjoy full access to our team of designers, product managers, business analysts and marketers. After all, our multidisciplinary approach is our secret sauce!

Access our network of dev agencies

We are happy to help set up meetings with different development agencies so you can find a trusted partner and kick off the project in person.
Digital Product Design and Marketing Agency

Why you should consider a sprint with Cieden

We use processes that work
It’s not enough to know what needs to be done. The “how” is just as important.
Cieden Work Process
Mapping customer journey to understand customer behaviour
We use tools that give insights
While working together, we can show you how different tools can make your life easier or provide unique insights as you work towards product-market fit.
google analytics
We’ve done this before
We’re no strangers to helping startups launch from a concept to a functioning product.
Work in the breathtaking city of Lviv
We bet your creativity will flow within such a historical, innovative, and inspirational city. We’re one of the jewels of Eastern Europe.
Lviv - one of the jewels of Eastern Europe

What can you achieve in just a week?

By the end of our sprint we’ll help you:

day 1.


Let’s make sure we have a general understanding of who the users are and what pain points we aim to tackle. This will help us build a user-oriented approach to our design and marketing strategy.
Understand your users and pain points

day 2.


Now that we’ve established the problems our users face, let’s brainstorm the solutions we can provide. The more, the better!
Solutions we can provide

day 3.


Having brainstormed the potential solutions, we now can decide what to proceed with. Our decisions are always based on the solution’s feasibility, viability and market fit.
Solution’s feasibility, viability and market fit

day 4.


At this stage, our goal is to design a usability-oriented prototype, which we can show to users to gather early feedback.
Usability-oriented prototypes

day 5.


We finally have something to show to potential users and investors. Let’s seize this opportunity to hear what the soon-to-be customers think since their satisfaction is our ultimate benchmark of success.
Validation phase at Cieden

day 6.


We’ve done some great work this week! Now it’s time for some quality R&R while exploring the beautiful city of Lviv.
Time to celebrate

extra credit.

It gets better!

On top of that we’ll be happy to set you up with a development team from our network of trusted partners!
Development Partners

Let’s figure out the specifics!

Pick a convenient date for your flight.

*Not sure you want to leave your cozy place? Well, then we’re packin’!

Interested in learning more? Weꞌre here to help and answer any question you might have.


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