Project Plan


Creating a Familiar but Authentic Website Design


1 UI designer


6 Weeks




The design implemented in the functional product


Daxima is a Software development company with over a decade of experience. It integrates with teams and companies big and small to create new web and mobile solutions, update and fix outdated applications. Daxima doesn’t just fix the problems. They create a team with the client in order to closely collaborate, understand their business needs, and then create the roadmap for the custom software solution. However good the service and high the quality is, the benefits aren’t always obvious at the first glance. A good business needs a way to communicate their values to the new clients, in a quick and obvious way. To do this, you need to have a custom and modern-looking website. The main idea was to look local in the subject field and to be familiar, professional and trustworthy. The aim was for the client to feel that they are on the same page.


  • Detail meticulosity on both ends
  • The website already had a good structure
  • A very professional manager on the client’s side
  • The changes were implemented and tested simultaneously with the design process


  • Software Dev Websites go quickly out of style
  • The Persona and their needs vary significantly
  • Combining emotions with expertise
  • Making a Software Dev website stand out and look authentic at the same time

Old Version

The initial website was fun and provided conversions for its time, however, everything needs to be updated now and then. According to modern standards, the website lacked its own language in order to provide consistency of style. Working as a team, we started from discussing our main perspectives. The website was aimed at conveying the company’s image. The less graphic elements there are, the easier is the perception. That’s how we have chosen the minimalistic style as our main direction.



Budget Redesign

Adjusting and modernizing the original theme. Keeping the old icons and illustrations or using the stock ones. This approach is suitable for simple, minimalistic websites with limited budget. Following the minimalist trend, using abundant white space and simplifying the style, we create a modern-looking website that is easy in perception. However, making a website unique and inhaling a soul into it takes a bit more time and effort.

Medium Redesign

Changing the typography and creating custom icons. Medium Redesign The next approach includes native customization on a minimalistic background. It is most suitable for creative and innovative companies, who however, at the same time, do serious business and deal with exact data configuration, etc.

Advanced Redesign

Full redesign, including a new color scheme, custom illustrations and adding an animated hero banner or a video banner, changing the structure of the site. Fully custom styles, unusual patterns, unfamiliar to average users contribute to a wow-efect and an impression of a very creative environment. However, in our case, the website would look unfamiliar in use and potential clients may get confused finding the information they are looking for.


Depending on the business needs there are different approaches to building a good website. As a client-oriented team, we offered three ways of redesign. Every version is a great solution for the the right case. The solution taken included some points of the Medium Redesign and the Advanced one. We decided to change the typography, customize the icons, and change the general style and color scheme. The animated hero-banner or a video in its place is to introduce a personal touch to the website. This remains an idea for the future development.


When it came to designing the illustrations, the main objective was to create a family of icons that would look related with each other. The consistent line thicknesses, colors and gradients were chosen for the sake of this and for the modernity of look. At the same time it was important to keep the meaning of the icons clear and understandable.



General mood

Redesigning the website, we aimed at creating a friendlier mood that speaks for quality and professionalism that the company represents.The customer has already updated the main page according to our recommendations. We hope that soon the whole design will appear on the web site.





Ryan Tabibian California, USA

The team delivered a user-friendly, attractive design that meets the needs of the internal and external users. Cieden was transparent at all times, collaborating well, and ensuring that they responded quickly to feedback.

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